Now THAT is a flag raising!

Now THAT is a flag raising!

Good Afternoon,

For those who will be helping out during the school day please take notice. I spoke with Colonel McCroskey yesterday and he would like to have a flag raising ceremony on Friday, September 25th at 8:30am before the school kids arrive.

Thank You,

Maj. Bogart

I’m glad Bob asked to have a flag raising. Lately there has been so much in the news about people burning and stomping flags that it almost brings me to tears, whether out of frustration or sadness, I can’t say. Maybe both. I remember being in college during the height of the Vietnam War and saw someone try to burn a flag. As much as I was opposed to the war, I respected the men who chose to go and fight and respected the country which did not persecute a peaceful dissenter. Whether it’s a Confederate flag, Gadsden flag or an American one, flags
such as these represent a history and a people who lived and died for a belief. The miracle is that in this country, people can pull together in times of stress or tragedy and raise their children in a place of relative safety, prosperity and opportunity. I hope that those who disrespect the flag keep in mind that the history of this country created a climate where they can do such a thing with impunity.

‘Nuff said…..

Grand OLD flag

Grand OLD flag

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ED NOTE: The September muster is September 26-27. The school day and TN State Guard program is Friday, Sept. 25.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

The September Muster and School Day is fast approaching.

The School day will be Friday, September 25th from 9:00 until 1:00.

I need to know if anyone is willing to operate a station during the school visit. We need 9 stations. The rotations will be 15 minutes each. There will be a break for lunch. The OVTA will be lending a hand this year as well.

Please let me know if you can provide a station and what you would like to present.

This is going to be a very busy and hectic day as the kids will be leaving around 1:00 – the River Crossing is at 2:00 (100 TN state guardsmen will be crossing with the OVTA) – then, the TN state guard march-in and presentation will follow the crossing.

This brings me to another point. For the TN State Guard “March-In” they want a timeline represented in the parade. We will be representing Rev. War Militia and 1812 period. I need to know how many of you are willing to participate in this and which era you wish to represent. Remember, this is directly following the crossing on Friday the 25th, so I’m guessing it will be around 3:00 pm at the park amphitheater.

A lot to process I know, but it will be a day to remember I’m sure… for many reasons J

Let me know what you can do. Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated, as always.

I remain your most obedient servant,

Maj. Bogart

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TweetsieTrail_b&wLogo_011014*Jennifer passed this along. She needs the volunteers for SATURDAY.

On Friday and Saturday, September 4 & 5, the City of Elizabethton is hosting the Tweetsie Trail Celebration.  A big part of the event is the “Tweetsie Trail Treasure Trip.”    The full description of this is at the end of this email.

Basically, they have asked us to set up a station across the road from the Sycamore Shoals St. Hist. Park entrance on the Tweetsie Trail from 8 am til 3 pm.  When folks stop at the station, they complete a task related to our park, get a token, and move on to the next station.

I am trying to set up a schedule of volunteers who would take turns at the Sycamore Shoals station throughout the day.  They would like you all to be dressed in period clothing.
We would have a pop-up out there for shade and chairs (and table if needed for the activity).

If you can come for one or more hours, please respond and let me know what times you can be there.

Also, if you have some ideas for the “task/activity” that a person could do at our station, please share!  It would have to be 5 min or less, I would think, as folks will be trying to get around to a lot of stops that day.

Thank you for considering this!



“The Golden Trail section of this event will run from Dixon Park located directly across from Sycamore Shoals State Park to Harold McCormick Elementary. Participants along this section of the trail will find five historic Tweetsie Trail Depot’s. Each Depot’s will represent a unique treasure found in Elizabethton and Carter County; one that promotes the quality of life and history found within the our beautiful community.

Participants will be challenged to complete a simply task associated with the treasure found at the depot. They will also qualify for a gift associated with this treasure stop. If they complete the task the participant will be given a token and will then move on to the next Tweetsie Trail Depot.

Those participants that obtain five tokens will automatically qualify for a cash and prize drawing valued at $500.00.  Those participants that receive all five tokens will be asked to attend the Tweetsie Trail Family Celebration that will be held at Elizabethton High School later that evening. Each participant that attends the event with the five depot tokens in hand will be given a boarding pass to see if they win the Tweetsie Trail Treasure Hunt grand prize.”

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Musings: Independence Day Muster, June 27-28

An important event that the Regiment does is the Fourth of July muster which was held at the end of June. It was rainy and rather nasty weather, especially on Friday night when the whole earth seemed to be deluged and it seemed that Noah’s ark was going to come floating by, carrying two of everything except a couple of Patriots. It was quiet that night. I shared my space with Bucky and Matt Simmerly who were stuck with me in cabin 4. All of us wondered whether the fly in front would hold, as it was precariously rigged to the front of the cabin and had a rather large swag in it. The grounds of the fort were becoming Lake Watauga and the water crept inexorably closer to the door. Fortunately the fly held and provided everyone with much needed shelter and shade as the weekend progressed. Dan Akerblom set up the tavern and it looked SWEET. The Bennetts were in the Talbot house and cozy was the best way to describe it. I worried about Kim and Earl down in the woods but they seemed well protected by the trees. It was a cooking weekend for me. I dug out a perfect cooking pit and as all set to cook outside as people would have on hot summer days but with the rains coming and going, that was not meant to be. It was a bit sweaty in the cabin but it’s good for the soul.



Ken and Tammy Markum

Ken and Tammy Markum

Saturday was cool and the rains held off until after the event closed. Jennifer Bauer spun wonderful wool in front and the members gathered to raise the colors and set the tone for the day. To all of us, this day is important. When J.C. Davis read the declaration to the crowd, one could feel goosebumps. I saw three generations, J.C., Jason and his son and realized that some of the same complaints raised by Jefferson are now resurfacing and as I observed the public, placidly listened to the reading,I wondered if they could feel the winds of change the way I did. Looking at the Davis family, I wondered how long this great country would endure, as it is flapping in a moral breeze. I wondered if Jason’s son and the other children would enjoy the freedoms that we seem to have taken for granted. I wondered if people actually realized how precariously our nation stands on the slippery slope between a cherished republic so hard won and a self -imposed “politically correct” tyranny created by those with agendas who want to dismantle this country, adjust or erase our history and moral structure.This is allowed because of public apathy, lack of knowledge of the past, lack of interest in the future except what people can get,and politicians who have lost sight of the common good. I wondered if they realized that freedom, like entitlements, isn’t “free” and they are paid for by a stalwart and hard working few holding together the hapless many. In the midst of all the huzzahs, musket firing and drumming,these were  sobering thoughts that stuck with me the whole weekend. Then I saw the children and newer members . Dan enlisted two fledgling carpenters (Ivan and Cohen Daniels) and all three built a wonderful pie shelf to fit in the window of the cabin. I saw all these children and thought maybe they will figure it out;they are living this history and will remember.

Jennifer Bauer and her beautiful grandchildren

Jennifer Bauer and her beautiful grandchildren

Cohen Daniels, apprentice carpenter, helping Dan Akerblom install a pie shelf for blackberry pie and other delectables coming through.

Cohen Daniels, apprentice carpenter, helping Dan Akerblom install a pie shelf for blackberry pie and other delectables coming through.

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To the Washington Co. Militia,

I just talked with Bill Knapp, Manager at Davy Crockett Birthplace, and he is in dire need of help for the Crockett Days event August 15-16. A lot of the State help he had last year will not be available this year, and one of his rangers is out on medical leave for three months. Please let me know if you plan to attend and what Type of demonstrations or programs you are willing to do. The folks at Crocket Birthplace are always helping us out at Sycamore Shoals now is the time for us to repay the kindness. Let me know ASAP.

Thank You,

Major Bogart

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Independence on the Frontier , Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area, June 27th & 28th  

Framing the Declaration of Independence

Framing the Declaration of Independence

Step back in time 239 years to a colorful revolutionary world and witness life as it was on the 18th century frontier during a very tumultuous time. In the summer of 1776 colonial leaders met in Philadelphia to draft a document that would forever change the world. As our guest to Fort Watauga, you too can be part of the excitement as news of American Independence reaches the colonial frontier. What did the colonists think about a new nation? Walk among historical characters and hear their varied reactions to the Declaration, from fear of war to the hope of a brighter future.

The Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia, host living history organization at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area, will be encamped in and around Fort Watauga giving visitors a glimpse of life in 1776. A myriad of activities will unfold throughout the weekend such as militia drill and training, artillery firing demonstrations, open hearth cooking, tomahawk throwing and a special reading of the Declaration of Independence on Saturday at 1:00 followed a short celebration.

Get an early start on your Independence celebrations and bring the entire family out for a weekend full of history, patriotism, education, and family fun. The event will run from 10:00 until 4:00 on Saturday, June 27th and 10:00 until 3:00 on Saturday, June 28th.  Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area is located at 1651 W. Elk Ave. Elizabethton, TN 37643. For more information about this event please contact the park at 423-543-5808 or log on to these websites: or

Independence on the Frontier: Schedule of Events


Saturday, June 27th     

10:00 – Raising the Colours:  Start the day off with a bang as the militia falls in for inspection

and raises the flag with a patriotic ceremony.

10:30 – Wataugan Footsteps: Join Gillian in the visitors center and learn about an important

woman on the frontier, Ann Robertson, who played a crucial role during the siege of Fort

Watauga in 1776.

11:00 – “Fix Bayonets”: Join Mr. Davis of the Continental Army and learn about the uses and

tactics of the bayonet, one of the most feared weapons used in the Revolutionary War! Then cheer on the Militiamen as they test their skill and aim with this 18th century weapon.

12:00 – “Echoes of Revolution”: The Watauga Valley Fifes & Drums perform martial and field

music of the Revolutionary War.

1:00 – Reading of the Declaration of Independence: Join in the excitement as the document

declaring our freedom from Great Britain is read publicly inside Fort Watauga. A short

celebration will follow.

2:00 – Kids Militia & Rubber Band Rifle Shoot: Attention all able bodied kids! Fall in and

drill with the Washington Co. Militia. Then join in the fun of an old fashioned rubber

band shooting match!

3:00 – Artillery Drill and Demonstration: Learn about 18th century artillery as the Militia fires

the Fort’s Cannon.

4:00 – Militia Drill & Retiring the Colours – The Washington County Militia demonstrates the

tactics and firearms used during the Revolutionary War, and then retire the flag for the day.

Camps Close to the Public: Join us tomorrow for another exciting day of 18th century

living history.


Sunday, June 28th    

10:00 – Raising the Colours:  Start the day off with a bang as the militia falls in for inspection

and raises the flag with a patriotic ceremony.

11:00 – Worship Service: Join us for Sunday Service held inside Fort Watauga.  

1:00 – Kids Militia: Attention all able bodied kids! Fall in and drill with the Washington Co.


2:00 – Artillery Drill and Demonstration: Learn about 18th century artillery as the Militia fires

the Fort’s Cannon.

3:00 – Militia Drill & Retiring the Colours: The Washington County Militia demonstrates the

tactics and firearms used during the Revolutionary War, then lowers the flag for the day.

Ongoing Activities Throughout the Weekend Include…

18th Century Cooking Techniques and Foodways – Colonial Carpentry – Wool Spinning and Fiber Arts – Flintlock Rifle and Musket Firing Demonstrations – Colonial Woodsmen Skills

And Much More!

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Jennifer Bauer sent this message from Joe Greene, director of “Liberty!”.

All Liberty cast and crew and members of the Washington CoMilitia,

I have some great news.

Thursday June 11th we will be shooting our first new commercial spot for this year’s show.

We will also be using this time to shoot a longer video to post on our website and Facebook page.

If you are a main character we really need you to be there. Especially John Sevier, Bonnie Kate, Mr and Mrs Carter, Robert and Mary Young, Rev. Doak, Bess, Chester, Robertson’s, all Indians, and anyone wanting to play British soldiers. We would also love to have all walk-ons come and be a part as well.

We will have our normal rehearsal at 6, then about 7:30 or a little before, we will move down to the fort to start shooting. So please come out and help us make this as big as possible!

Thanks in advance, Joe Greene.

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