2016 REGIMENT MUSTER ROLL (updated 2/12/2016)

Militia under the direction of Major Bogart

Militia under the direction of Colonel Bogart


Commanding Officer Emeritus: Colonel Bobby R. McCroskey

Commanding Officer: Colonel Chad A. Bogart

Officer Staff:

Major  Doug Ledbetter

Captain Tony DeVault

Lieutenant Ken Reece

Sergeant Buck Simerly

Color Ensign Adam Hill

Chaplains: Ronnie Lail

David Doan

Watauga Company

PRIVATES: Steve Alexander, Worley Bennett, Phillip Bishop, Mike Coon, William Culnon, David Doan, David Doan III, Mark Halback, Bobby Hamm, John Hawthorne, Nat Hyder, John Large, Mike Mankin, Kenny Markland, Mel McKay, Robert Ritchie, David Shook, Scott Shore,  Matthew Simerly, Earl Slagle, Jacob Slagle, Kurt Stevens, Ethan Walling, Scott Walling

DISTAFF: Lisa Bennett, Rachel Bennett, Anna Bishop, Anna Bogart,Carol Culnon, Jane Doan, Kathryn Grist,  Sherri Hyder, Ramona Invidiato (Historian), Suzanna Kulikowski, Sandra Kyte, Ileana Mankin, Tammy Markland,  Etta Mays, Kay Millsaps, Chenoa Patton, Norma Ritchie, Sherry Shook, Linda Slagle, Sarah Slagle

Nolichucky Company

PRIVATES: Fred Bloom, Josh Daniels, J.C. Davis, Ronnie Lail, Timothy Massey, Artie O’Neil, William Pettis, Steve Ricker, Phillip Sturgill, Colin Wakefield, Bill White

DISTAFF: Caroline Blanks, Melodie Daniels, Lana Davis, Linda Lail, Donna Ledbetter, Diana O’Neil,  Charlotte Pettis, Lisa Sturgill, Darlene White

YOUTHS: Cohen Daniels, Gideon Daniels, Ivan Daniels

Mountain Company

PRIVATES: Steve Abney, Dan Akerblom, Joshua Blackburn, Fred Cawthra, Bucky Clabaugh, John Cornett , Randy Curde, Sterling Curde, Joe Edwards, Matthew Edwards, Bill Fleming, John Garrou, Michael Hardy, Nathaniel Hardy,  Harry Jordan,  Scott Mann, Bob McConnell, Jeff McConnell, Kim Palmer, Jonathan Pinter, Travis Souther, Doug Walsh

DISTAFF: Lois Edwards, Elaine Fleming, Becky Garrou, Elizabeth Hardy,  Cindy Jordan, Amanda Mann, Retha Reece, Sharli Reece, Linda Ricker, Melanie Sellers, Alexandra Sellars, Emma Sellars, Kaitlyn Sellers

YOUTHS: Iona Blackburn, Isabelle, Hardy, Matthew Mann

7 responses to “2016 REGIMENT MUSTER ROLL (updated 2/12/2016)

  1. John Williams

    Greetings, I am John Williams of Lexington, SC and William Hyder Sr. (d. 1790) was my Great, gr, gr, gr, gr, Grandfather. We will be in Carter County this weekend and I wanted to visit the Hyder Cemetary off Powder Branch Rd. However, I know that it is surrounded by private property. Who can I contact to get permission to get up to the cemetary? Thanks for your help. John Williams. PS Our son, Jonathan, a Presbyterian minister & Army Chaplain, is serving as an interim pastor to a small church in nearby Johnson City.


  2. Mike Mankin

    Greetings John, It is a little late, but I used to travel around and take photos of headstones upon request. I always tried to locate the owner of the property and ask them for permission to enter their property and the cemetery. I have never been turned down. They are aware that the graves are there and are very conscious of their obligations to allow access to them. It is the law in most states that the public have access to cemeteries on private land and not be denied entrance to them. I know you will be polite and of course that always is helpful. Merry Christmas to you and yours, thank Jonathan for his service…. Mike Mankin


  3. Le Loup

    Glad I found your blog. Thank you for listing primary sources on this blog. I look forward to further posts.
    Regards, Keith.
    A Woodsrunner’s Diary.


  4. Steve Patarcity (Colonel, US Army [Retired])

    Great website and unit!


  5. Bobby James

    Musgrove Mill State Historic Site would like to extend a formal invitation to our site’s living history experience. The Musgrove Mill Living History Weekend will be held on April 23 and 24, 2016. Musgrove Mill State Historic Site would like your help to make this a memorable experience. We had close to 500 visitors to last year’s event and we need your help to continue our growth.

    Interpretation of this event will be very important in educating the general public about the Battle of Musgrove’s Mill and the role of South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War. Over 200 battles/skirmishes were fought in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, more than almost any other state. You and your group will have the opportunity to participate in providing educational sessions to the public.

    We are working on the schedule of events for the Living History Weekend. If you would like to have time on the schedule for a presentation by your group let us know as soon as possible so that we can reserve a time on the schedule for your presentation.

    Wood will be provided for each participating unit, as needed. In order to facilitate all needs please let the staff know your planned arrival time and if you plan on camping on site. We are planning on opening the grounds Friday and Saturday nights for camping purposes for participants as needed. The park will be providing dinner for all re-enactors on Saturday night. Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to seeing you at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site.

    Responses should be directed to the attention of Bobby James, Park Interpreter at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site by phone at (864) 938-0100, by email at bjames@scprt.com or by mail. Please let us know how many to expect, and any special considerations you or your group may need. In order to get as accurate a count as possible, please notify the park of your interest by February 1, 2016. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. We greatly appreciate it.


    • Ramona

      Thank you so much for your invite. I will pass this on to our historical interpreter and militia commander, Chad Bogart, in the morning.


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