Christmas at Carter Mansion/December 2009 Muster


Glorious Winter at the Carter Mansion

December 4-6, 2009


The December Muster of the Washington County Regiment of N.C. Militia included celebrating Christmas as John and Landon Carter would have celebrated the season at the Carter Mansion in 1775 to 1780. In spite of icy weather, there was an excellent turn out by the public and the regiment for both days at the mansion. Sherry Hyder stood out in the cold and provided reenactors and public alike with the warmth of mulled cider and treats and the Fife and Drum Corp regaled the group with traditional music . Inside the mansion , Linda and Earl Slagle as Mr. and Mrs. Carter graciously welcomed the public. There were period activities going on all over the house, from lucet and wool weaving to making oranges studded with clove potpourri. In addition, a local choir sang carols and played them on hand bells. Finally, the Shape Note singers added authentic audio-beauty when they sang the way the Wataugans would have during the 18th century.

The muster itself at the fort was almost washed out by the ice storm in the area that weekend, but the welcome fires kept burning for those willing to brave the elements.


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