Pictured is Earl Slagle, ChadBogart, Richard Ellis, Jacob Slagle , Ronnie Lail.

Pic courtesy of Gail and Richard Ellis 

January 8-10 2010

“These are the times that try men’s souls”

Thomas Paine

“Commander, are you sure we aren’t  in Valley Forge?!!!”

Molly Spyder, indentured servant

This weekend, Washington County Regiment of the N.C. Militia celebrated OLD CHRISTMAS at Fort Watauga. In spite of it being a low of 9 degrees at night and no higher than 20 during the day, A good number of the Regiment was there including one from as far away as Boone,NC, and  there was a steady stream of people, young and old,  who came out to experience how their forefathers celebrated the Christmas season in the Colonies.

Each cabin was decorated outside and in with a different theme, representing the traditions of those who were in the Colonies at the time. Doug  and Donna Ledbetter decorated the Talbot House in the English way, holly and ivy, table groaning with apple stack cake and varied biscuits. Richard Ellis, appropriately, added homemade mince tarts.  Tony DeVault  and  Bob McCroskey decorated   Cabin 3 in the Irish traditon with holly boughs. Cabin 4 was decorated with a Christmas “sugar” tree by Ramona Invidiato and Michael Coon in the traditional Palantine German . The table held a Kringle, a Moravian sugar cake and candy treats. Chad Bogart decorated  Cabin 5 as Dutch . Kris Kringle was in his house and his table was laden with cheese, biscuits, fruits and nuts. The Fife and Drum Corp played on Saturday and the Tavern was the place to be on Saturday night.

Sunday’s attendance was light but church was held and attended by public and the reenactors. Altogether, it was an fitting time to enjoy the fresh snow and the Epiphany weekend.

Capt. Bogart being host to Earl and Jacob in the Dutch cabin.


Talbot House

Capt. Bogart going Dutch with Earl and Jacob (pics courtesy of Jennifer Bauers)

Check the following link for news article:




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5 responses to “OLD CHRISTMAS 2010

  1. Captain Bogart

    Great Job Ramona !


  2. Richard Ellis

    Thank you, Ramona.
    Looks good!


  3. Randy & Sterling Curde

    Great idea, great effort,great job, it is going to be a great year! See you at the fort.


  4. Harry & Cindy Jordan

    This is an excellent idea. Great Job, Ramona!!
    Can we link it to the Sycamore Shoals site?


    • ramonaato

      Bob and Chad gave me imput and since the higher ups liked it, Jennifer will link it to the Park site soon. I haven’t figured how to get this to non-computer members yet but I thought that this may be the best way of recording our historry. I need to talk to Sherry to see if she wants to add to this as a newsletter. There are all kinds of possibilities here.


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