Unicoi Celebrates Its First Ever Heritage Day

OCTOBER 17, 2009

The Town of Unicoi had its first ever heritage celebration Saturday, October 17th, beginning at 10 a.m. at the historic Bogart-Bowman log cabin. The daylong event, which celebrated the recent restoration of the historic 18th century-era cabin by the Town of Unicoi,  included demonstrations of a wide variety of old-time heritage skills, as well as a dramatic re-enactment of 18th century frontier life in what we now know as Unicoi County.
The Regiment set up five camps and the members and the history committee of the town featured things like quilting, soap making, spinning, chair caning, blacksmithing,  and 18th century childrens’ games.

Members of the Regiment and those in the community  depicted a day on a 18th century farm in which nearby families came together to help a neighbor bring in the harvest, also gathering together for some social communion. As the 18th century American frontier was full of danger, danger inevitably came to this farm gathering in the form of a late afternoon attack by Natives. However, frontier militias, known as Rangers (there were Rangers as our guests from as far away as South Carolina who came), were roving the countryside in an effort to protect the settlers.

The day was a terrific success and was well recieved by the public. Check out the Johnson City Press video about this day:


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