Carter’s Mansion Celebration & Muster

Officers of the Washington Co.Regiment after Induction

It was a beautiful weekend  in the Watauga Valley and the Regiment and public came together to celebrate the  beginnings of Indian Summer. On both days, the Watauga Valley Fife and Drum Corp played while there was a military inspection and raising of the colors. Throughout the event, the public experienced the daily life of settlers as members made lavendar lye soap, cooked, dyed wool, showed how food was preserved, made music, knapped flint and demonstrated games made with gourds. In the middle of the day on Saturday , the services of an indentured servant was auctioned (bit of levity),and on a serious note, the Carters were honored at a graveside ceremony. The public held its breath when a skirmish broke out between those favoring independence and the Tories of the area.  After fierce fighting, though, the patriots repelled the Tories successfully.

Before  the communal meal, ably made by Sherri Hyder, the officers of the newly organized regiment were installed. Jason  Davis portrayed the secretary to then Governor Richard Caswell of N.C. and administered the oath of office.

With an old time worship service under the trees as an additonal activity on Sunday, it was a good beginning for officers and men of the new regiment. HUZZAH!!


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