July 4th marked not only the birth of a new nation but also of a new regiment: the Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia

On this blog site, though the month of January, I have tried to record the history of the Washington County Regiment from its inception to present. The Regiment was chartered at the July 4th Celebration at Sycamore Shoals Historical  Site and that was its first gathering as a newly formed regiment.

Because of new state mandates governing state parks and historic sites, volunteer reenactment groups attached to historical sites were tweaked and the one at Sycamore Shoals was no exception. The reenactment group was reorganized under a new name, with new rules and with a new mandate. The mandate is to recreate the lives of the settlers of the Watauga Valley and the frontier area as faithfully as possible. The Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militias was born and it’s fitting that the Regiment counts July 4th as it’s birthday.

The Regiment and public celebrated the birth of the nation with a whole weekend of interesting activities. The Watauga Fife and Drum Corp played while the Regiment went through inspection and the colors were unfurled. The children were invited to participate in the Kid’s Militia where they learned the art of soldiering and what happened at the Battle of King’s Mountain. There were  bayonet and tomahawk competitions where members of the regiment tested their skills with this historically important  weapons. The apex of the day was at 1 PM when a courier arrived to announce the signing of the Declaration and there was a lot of huzzahing !

Kids participated in  a frontier rubber band rifle shoot where they got to test their skills and try for prizes. At 3 PM, Mr. John Carter  talked about what independence meant to the people of the Eastern frontier.

Sunday marked many of the same activities. There was a frontier worship service and Jason Davis lead the public on a Fort tour, explaining to the public the history of the area and the importance of the fort in the lives of the Wataugans.

To watch the reading of the Declaration and more about theJuly activities; click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbl79bk2wYM

Huzzah to the Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia.

Patriotism and Fierce Protection Characterize the men of the Regiment


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