Over to the side under THINGS OF INTEREST, you will see a link to Living History.Net which is kind of like an electronic Smoke and Fire. Back some months ago, Artie passed this link on to us all and suggested we get in touch with the webmaster (located in Granville, TN, by the way) to advertise out unit and events. I did this last month when I started up this blogsite and as a result, we are listed as a Tennessee Rev War unit on the site and our three major events are listed as well.

Please check  the link out, I think you will be very happy. One thing I did notice is that Sycamore Shoals isn’t listed as a Historical Site and I will come up with a good write up (I promise, Jennifer and Chad) and see if the webmaster can include that on the site.

This is the site:  http://living-history.net/index.htm

Jennifer also informed me that the state email accounts have changed somewhat.

Chad’s email is: chadwick.bogart@tn.gov

Jennifer Bauer’s email is: Jennifer.Bauer@tn.gov

Yours faithfully,

Molly Spyder, indentured


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  1. Thanks for the cross-link! In regards to the Historic Sites posting, I completely forgot to ask you in the mail last night (you’ll notice it was sent after 11pm :)) if there was someone who could send me a blurb for the Historic Sites page. I’ll post it as quickly as I can to hopefully give you some more exposure.


  2. emily

    I enjoy browsing your page, I usually learn something interesting stuff.
    Emily Randall from Husky Training.net


    • ramonaato

      Thank you so much, Emily, for your kind words. If you are ever in east Tennessee, you should come and visit the Historic Site.
      Ramona (Molly Spyder, indentured)


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