Travis Souther

Travis Souther, from Boone, NC, shared the weekend with the Regiment and is new to reenacting with our group. He braved snow, ice and great brown bears (well, maybe not the bears) to come over the  mountains to the Fort for Old Christmas during the worst of the winter weather we’ve had, so I figure he must be a serious fella and well worth getting to know.

Travis, a native of Greensboro, NC,  is a graduate of Appalachia State University with a degree in history and works there at the Beck Library as a conservator of antique documents.The process  by which he learned the skill was interesting and he said that the oldest document he has handled so far is making a custom  box for Bible printed in 1743. He also restored the  Three Forks Baptist Church Charter document that was dated to 1793.

Travis got into reenactment by participating in the Horn of the West drama and in the two hours of dead time, he helped out the curator of the museum there, Danny Davis , who took Travis  under his wing. Mr. Davis showed Travis the true historical nature of the time period as they worked at the museum.

I asked Travis what was the most interesting thing to him about reenacting. He said that he  is fascinated by the “authenticity of survival”. He went on to say that “the practicality of every day things and everyday skills that we take for granted now appeal to me greatly”. The varied activities that contribute to the  daily minutea of surviving on the 18th century frontier ” throws into sharp relief how tough living back then  really was”. Further, he was curious about everything and just wanted to learn more to widen his skill  set.

Travis told me he found out about the Regiment from the Frontier Folk website and contacted Ronnie Lail who invited him down for Old Christmas. On a personal note, Travis told me his interests are the “Three H’s : Hiking, History, Hunting”. Yeppers, I think the fella will fit right in!

Check out the pictures of his first reenactment with us- the Old Christmas 2009 album in Webshots. Travis took the pictures and sent them to us.



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  1. Travis Souther

    I really like this picture. So much so I made it my profile on Facebook. Thanks to whomever took it.



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