Some Kinda Hat!!!!!

Civil War Bonnet at Market Faire

Hello Everyone,
  I Plan to make a hat like this one for Crockett Days this summer (early 19th Century Event).  Bought the stuff to pull it together at the Market Fair outside of Lexington this weekend.  Price on a finished hat was $ 145.  We saw lots of people there like John Curry, Parson John, Maggie Delaney(his indentured servant), several natives, the tinsmith that was at the fort last weekend and many more.  We sparked some interest in our upcoming events at Sycamore Shoals and got email addresses and phone numbers of interested re-enactors.  One native there is a descendant of Dragging Canoe and may join us for the Transyvania Purchase as well as the Siege. Maggie and the Parson also voiced an interest  I have their contact info.  David and I skipped out on the Tavern Night event last night and are still kicking ourselves, but we had to get back home as we had lots of stuff to do around the house today and back to work on Monday.  We were talkinking on the way home, wouldnt it be neat if our unit could do a MARKET FAIR someday? Just an idea, but you could count me in as helping pulling this event together.  Winter is a great time of year when things aren’t so busy with events.  

 Your Friends,  Sherry and David (Settlement Ambassadors LOL)

Blogmeister note: If Maggie Delaney comes, I can take servant lessons!



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3 responses to “Some Kinda Hat!!!!!

  1. Sherry Shook

    Check out photos of the Market Faire posted on the Pioneer Times website
    The event was hosted by the Salt River Long Rifles. I also left the Y off of John Curry’s name.


  2. Sure, an’ I would be glad ta give ya lessons ow’n how ta be a good indenture, to be sure, but ’tis a faire warnin’ that I doon’t ware a collar ’cause h’Im so good h’at bein’ a GOOD servant, now is h’it?

    I would wish ta speak ta you meself, if’n you would pleasure me w’th wryttin’ back now… Maggie


    • Ramona

      Ah Maggie, ay’d haf to go a long way to be a gud indentured tho I cud take a lesson from such as you in TRYIN’ to be. Seems that every now and agin, me feet jest take me farther than my master wants me ta go and my tongue jest trips over my brains for boldness. Seems ever since me bruther and his new bride put me on the boat cause me virtue was yellowed and noone wanted an old spinster ,(even one wit her own teeth and a willin’ back), I’ve been caught up in wanderin’ since. Hope ya make it over the hill from Kyntuck to Sycamore Shoals- spring is such a purty time of year.


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