Battle of Guilford Courthouse


General Greene at Guilford Courthouse

After Washington’s routing of the British in the North, he started to think a bit more about what to do in the Southern Theater, especially since the British were beginning to focus on the Southern states as a possible weak area. I’m no historian but from all my reading, I sense that the Commander-in-Chief wasn’t too impressed with the South for some reason. Maybe it’s just he couldn’t spread his resources that thin and fight in two theaters. I can understand the British thinking at this point, though. If you can’t beat ’em up north, go for the ankles and crawl up the skirt (what a mixed metaphor that is!!!) Cowpens was a bit of a flop (no pun intended) and skirmished abounded.

Since Guilford Courthouse is next week, I hought that it would be interesting to read about it. I found this really wonderful site y’all might enjoy. Very reader friendly!!!!!!!


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