Camping Aussie Style

 (Molly note: There is a reenactment group in Australia and one of the members has an excellent blog. Worth checking out! The picture comes from one of their events.

Hello Everyone,  
     Wanted to pass this info along to those of you who may be interested.  This event will be held in Rogersville and looks to be a good opportunity.  Several women native and colonial as well as civil war re-enactors are planning to attend and with it in our own back door too good for me to pass up.  Please email Abby Patton if you are interest .    Would love to see some of you ladies there!   Sure there will lots to learn !!    Enjoy Sherry 

Mollynote:  I’ve included the link from the Frontier Folk site where Abby Patton describes this event in more detail. It’s primitive to the max, gals!  Travel light and bring a trench shovel :o)

Directions from Kingsport TN

Take 11E towards Church HillTN
When you pass Food Lion on the rightwatch for lighted intersection with the sign Goshen Valley Road (sign will be on the right side of highway). Turn LEFT at the intersection.
Follow Goshen Valley Road to the very end – 13 miles. Turn Right.
Travel 1 mile to Pond Road on right.
Turn right onto one lane Pond Rd which looks like a drive-way.  Follow to first home on right – 156 Pond Road.
Items to Consider Bringing
• Shelter
• Food
• Water
You can be as creative or simple as you choose. For seasoned campers, you may wish to try something more simplified with the support of others around you. No one will be expected to perfect their living situation or be left without because of a choice they made. But this is an opportunity to either begin learning or pushing it forward.
Bring your ideas and creativity. We are all teachers and students. I will be sharing my experience and others will be sharing what worked for them.
There is no refrigeration on the property. Therefore, plan accordingly as to what you wish to bring. Survival means eating to live, not living to eat – but we want folks to have fun as well. Consider ahead of time what you might do in this situation. There will be food onsite as this is my home – but it just may be a bit different.
For campers.there will be dinner on Saturday evening. Eat.enjoy.share what you brought….this will not be a planned potluck. In a survival situation,the menu will be whatever is available. However Saturday night dinner will also be a class situation for those who wish to attend.
Dress in 18th – 21st century clothing – whatever you prefer. Dressing in layers is good!

We are approximately 10 miles from the closest store. You may also wish to purchase gas before leaving Rogersville or Kingsport areas if you’re running low.
Unless you are on Verizon wireless (which I am not), cell phones will not work and there is no land phone. The closest location where a cell phone will work is 5 miles from the site. If the day is clear.some cell phones will work from the top of my mountain so if speaking on the phone is a necessity know that it will be like “Green Acres” and you’ll have to climb the mountain each time.
There is a deep pond on the premises. For those bringing children (and for all included),I would caution that this is not a place to play and once you see it you’ll understand. There are also very steep cliffs and small gorges where one can slip and fall, But there is plenty of area for play and camping. I would advise we stick close to those locations.

Other Notes

If you have any questions ahead of time I can be reached at (the fastest route) or my cell phone number is 423-923-6830.
Thank you all!

An e-book is being produced for all attendees. Copies will be given out at the event, therefore, please let me know if you’re bringing guests or know of someone who has not RSVP’d. In case we run out, I will email you a copy – just be sure to give me your email address. The hard copies at the event will include blank pages at the end for you to jot down notes from the other speakers’ presentations.


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