REALLY Primitive Camping: Who me?????

I read everything about this living off the land expedition for the women down Goshen Valley Road, close to Keplar School where I used to teach. The area is  truly beautiful, there is no doubt.

I was visualizing myself doing this. I must confess I’m having a tough time seeing certain things. For one thing, a person has to carry everything straight up a mountain. Needless to say, the Italian palace is OUT. I guess I’ll be sleeping under a painter’s canvas turned to be a lean-to. Then there’s water. Well, Abby Patton said there was some water but the way it sounds, we have to bring our own. Perrier, anyone???

Is toilet paper period?? Somehow digging a slit trench has a rugged appeal. Here’s what’s going to happen:

Prissy Miss Molly will be going in her best rags. As I shiver in the summer when I sleep, I think I’ll be warm  with 4 petticoats, 2 pairs of stockings, a short gown and bed jacket and a blanket pinned to me. Around my waist, I’ll will lugging a boiler, a small pan ,mug, pouch with a fork, spoon and a BIGASS knife, a tomahawk , a bag with facial paper (why do they call it that when you aren’t going near your face with this paper) and a garden trowel and some kind of wipe towelettes, 5 reliable lighters and a fire starter. Strapped to  my back I’ll will have a blanket rolled around a sack full of jerky, oatmeal, sugar, salt, Bullion, instant coffee, energy bars, a couple of oranges and a wad of bacon (powdered eggs if I can find them) and a couple of Dingdongs. Around that will be a canvas to sleep under, all tied with ropes. Strapped to my chest will be a canteen or two. If I make it past one night, I will be doing well indeed. Sherry is all excited about this and I think she would do well. She plans to make chicken- that’s pretty good but she is going to start from SCRATCH. My great granny used to start from scratch. I never saw it but my mom said she used to swing the chicken by the neck like it was a bollo. Oh my God!!!!

Ms. Patton said we’ll be living off the land- I hope there will be green things sprouting up. Knawing on rocks doesn’t sound too good. As I clump and clank up the mountain, I hope to find a really dandy place to set up camp- what does poison oak look like????


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