CRAB ORCHARD MUSEUM, 3663 Crab Orchard Rd, Tazwell, VA 24651


Many members have interest in the F & I time period and I know this is still in the distant future but my boss par excellence , Mike Coon,  got an invitation to the third annual Crab Orchard Museum Mountain Man Rendezvous in Tazwell, Va, and it’s worth checking out.

The site looks fantastic!


The museum was opened in the early 80’s and is a national Historic Landmark. Archeological digs have unearthed a Cherokee settlement there that is around 500 years old. The Whitten family settled on the farm somewhere around 1770  and land records can be seen from around 1800. Besides it’s historic value, the place looks positively beautiful in its scenery.

There are several cabins on this site and what’s interesting is that these cabins are all originals from the area which have been dismantled and lovingly rebuilt there so it’s definitely a microcosm of that area of Virginia.

Mike bumped into some of the volunteers from this site at the Eastern Primitive he went to back in the  Fall and he said that a nicer bunch of folks (other than us, of course) didn’t exist.

Tazwell isn’t a terrible drive from this area so if you are at loose ends at the end of May, perhaps it might be worth going to.

Check out the Museum’s website: http://www.craborchardmuseum.com/

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