For those who have hair, Sherry sent this set of instructions on how to club it. Pretty interesting!

Clubbing Instructions

Hair clubbing is commonly seen among both European men and American Indian women in the 18th century. The following instructions show how this type of hairstyle can be achieved. This instructional shows a woman’s hair and how we club it. This is not the only way or necessarily what we claim to be the correct way (as there is no documentation on how Indian women did this), but it will result in a very nice and correct looking club.

1). Tie the hair in a pony tail. A leather thong works well, but many people use the historically incorrect elastic pontail tie. This tie will be hidden when clubbed and it is the individuals choice on how correct they wish to be.

2.) Slide an end of your “ribbon” through the pony-tail’s tie. Leave about 8” or so. The ribbon can be a silk ribbon, wool/linen tape, or a strip of wool fabric. I like to use a very fine (lightweight) strip of wool as it tends to hold better. Also, the wider the strip, the easier it is to use.

3.) Start spirally wrapping the ponytail. The tighter it is wrapped, the better.

4.) Continue to wrap the tail/queue to about 1-2” from the bottom.

5.) Turn over the bottom to create the club. Depending on the length of hair and the desired length of the club, you can fold wherever needed.

6.) Continue to wrap the queue back up to the top/base.

7.) Wrap the remaining tails around the back and tie in front. You can use a square knot or bow.

8.) The finished queue.

Additional notes:
– There are a variety of regional and tribal styles as to length and position of the club. Make sure to research and find what is most correct for you.
– If you have very unruley hair, a braid can be made instead of a ponytail. This will hold things together nicer, but can also make the club shaped a bit different. We find that a ponytail alone is enough, especially as the hair builds up some grease.
– The club, depending on regional and tribal styles, can be adorned with bells, ribbons, and etc


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  1. These are instructions that I created and the photos are of my wife.


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