By King George’s Proclamation, no colonial subjects were to move across the mountains. But in 1772, the frontiersmen who had settled in the

John Sevier

Watauga Valley formed a government of their own, a “dangerous example” to the British that independence was possible! Join us as we forge a new government: The Watauga Association, an important precursor to American liberty!

April 11 – 12 marked the muster celebration the signing of the Watauga Association agreement.  The weather was outstanding for the first time in a long time and I think because of this, the public visiting was light both days.

Half of the Regiment was away at Fort Dobbs fighting for Empire but enough of the Militia under the leadership of Col. McCroskey was present to have a good demo. Richard Ellis brough the colors and they were raised promptly at 10 AM both days. Bob, Travis  Souther and  George manned the tavern, Molly and Sherry  cooked a communal meal in the Talbot House for Saturday night. Earl was bunked in the “man-cave” next to the wood pile and I have to say, he gave a demo on firearms and such that the people really loved. Jason handled the drill and commands. There was a new face at the Fort in ther person of Erin Brown. She is an intern from ETSU and the rangers were teaching her the ropes of managing a state historical site.

With Dave Shook, Artie and Diana, Sarah, Jacob  and the rest, it was like the loaves and fishes. During the signing of the Watauga Association, the handful became 600 as the regiment recreated the event. On Sunday, Pete led the frontier service, ended with the simplicity of the Lord’s Prayer and Sherry sang The Lord’s Prayer right after which brought tears to my eyes, it was so excellent.

For me, the fun was at the communal meal on Saturday night. Everyone piled into the Talbot House, ate to explosion and then sat at the table or near the fire talking until the wee hours. Travis made the dessert run- chocolate cake and ice cream- oh YEAH!!!

The weekend was great; we hoped that the rest  has as good a time at Fort Dobbs as we had this past weekend.

CHECK OUT: the transcription of John Sevier’s diary


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