Drats! Sherry and I didn't get a show like this when we were watching the fellows split wood!Hubbahubba!

For Sherry and me, Saturday started out as a total bust. We were to have gone on a female trek cum retreat that was called off without our knowing it . I had written the lady telling her our plans and when I didn’t hear back, we figured it was still on. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’ t imagine it would have been called off as I would have thought the people there would have carried on in spite of a bit of rain . When we got to the property early Saturday morning,however,  we found it totally empty and didn’t know until today that it was called off. The poor hillbilly guy at the end of the road got the start of his life when he answered my knock on his door and looked out to see his great, great, great, great grandma and her Indian sidekick standing in front of him asking where this lady lived.  There we were, far from anywhere, Sherry dressed like Flogging Turkey, me in my grubbies and bustin’ mad, both trying to come up with plan B.  We thought we’d go to Sycamore Shoals and feed the troops there as it was a wood cuttin’ day on Saturday. As it tuens out it was God’s will because we had a WONDERFUL time.

Pulling in to the fort felt like coming home after where we’d been . When we got to the Fort around 10:30 or so, Earl Slagle, Ronnie Lail, Chad Bogart, Jason Davis (Doing what he could as he had to be in the visitor’s center doing other things too), Dave Shook, Randy and Sterling Curde were hard at it killing the wood pile. You could hear the thumpin’ of the splitter, the gruntin’ of the guys and an occassional “Oh my Gawd” as some stubborn knot wouldn’t split.  

While the guys were hard at it, Sherry and I walked the trails looking for faggots (can I say that?), dead branches to make a fire with as we didn’t want to burn any of the wood in the shed. We did our own nature trail, walked down to the river, followed one path after another. What was kind of funny is when an unsuspecting jogger would round the corner and Sherry would greet him or her with a cheery “Osayo”. Eyes bulged, heads turned!

Jason unlocked the pump house and the Talbot House and we proceeded to figure out how to roast the fresh caught trout Sherry had brought. Mine was a medley of mixed grains which only had to be reheated. I built a really good fire, containing the heat with stones like I read in survival manuals. We had a mishap when the trout fell off the forked sticks into the fire even though they were lashed on. We know what to do for May Seige (“don’t bring  trout?” Ok Smarty pants! No, cook them on a plank). Even so, we were able to give the guys a wonderful lunch (including ham and cheese hogies and fresh bread). Randy’s Mom made upside down Pineapple cake for dessert. Fired with all this sustenance, everybody worked until the rains came late in the afternoon. There was mention of busting a few more logs that they couldn’t get to today but the biggest part was done yesterday. All the wood is cut, the cabins and camps loaded, the wood shed almost full. Hip Hip Hurray and Huzzah  to the people who did this and thank God the woman’s retreat ended as it did!

PS- Happy St. George’s Day to Gayle and Richard Ellis!



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