Capt. Chad Bogard and Cast of LIBERTY Open the 84th Session of the Tennessee Legislature

Sherry Shook sent this; it’s WELL WORTH clicking on!

What an honor and grand performance by our very own Capt. Chad Bogart.  He and other cast members from Liberty, “TN Offical Outdoor Drama”, were invited by Sen. Rusty Crowe to open the 84th Session Day of this year.  Chad proudly lead the State Senators with the Rev. Samuel Doak prayer prayed at Sycamore Shoals in 1780 prior to heading to Kings Mountain where the Overmountain Men were victorious over the British Forces there.  Many considered this the “turning point of the American Revolution”.  To think that we have the honor and the previledge to re-enact the events that occured at our own doorstep and involved alot of our ancestors, is truely amazing to us all !!   Great job, Chad, I can’t help but believe that our forefathers are looking down on our galent efforts to keep the memory of their sacrifices alive with great pride!


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