Chad Bogart

Determined, driven, cloned!

There is no doubt that the regiment and public enjoyed the most successful event that has ever been held at the Sycamore Shoals Historical Site. The reason for it is in the efforts of one person, Chad Bogart. He’s a modest sort of fellow though not bashful  and will never take credit but the truth of the matter is that without his planning, work, tact and the good will that he has garnered, none of what we enjoyed would have come to fruition.

I know it takes teamwork and the park is severely limited in manpower. Jason and Jennifer and rest of those who make our stays so wonderful , all had a hand in the smooth operation of this and every other event held at the Site. This weekend, though, was Chad’s baby. I’ve been to plenty of events of all kinds, all of us have, and I know everyone is saying the same thing- never was one so smooth, so stress free, and timed like clockwork .

Chad was like little Napoleon without the grimace and the hand holding up his pants. I frankly don’t know how he managed to clone himself and be in all the places he was at once. He meticulously orchestrated every centilla and probably stomped out more fires than Nancy Ward ever could; for example, on Saturday night  the camp next to mine was flooded and all the sleeping things were soaked. These were guests who came from Kentucky and had nowhere to sleep. He made sure the ladies were taken care of in comfort and I know that had a lot to do with their asking for  applications for membership.   So many people, guests and public ,  said this was the best event they’d been to yet and we owe this to Chad’s efforts. I know he’ll be sleeping like death this week recuperating from all  the hours he put into this .

Thanks, Chad, from all of us. You did an unbelievable job!!!!



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2 responses to “Chad Bogart

  1. Randy Curde

    Much appreciation for ALL the great work and effort; have heard words like Great, Fantastic, Beautiful, “Friendly”, Helpful, and will “be back”, for sure ! 🙂


  2. Randy Curde

    My son, Sterling, and I have fallen in love with our heritage, our history and “our fort” with the friendship and help from Chad. His passion and labor of love for Sycamore Shoals is not overlooked and very appreciated !


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