Heads Up: Open Letter from Capt. Bogart

Capt. Bogart and birthday cookie

To the Washington County Militia,

Greetings Friends! I begin with a thankful heart, happy and so pleased
with the way everything turned out for the Siege. Everything went so
well; I could not be more satisfied. Thank you Ramona for the kind words
on the blog site, but the credit goes to the group as a whole. You, the
people of the unit, are to be commended to the highest degree. It is
very gratifying to see everyone come together and flawlessly put on a
great event, not only for the public, but for the participants as well.

All of our guests seemed to have a great time. Some even said this was
the nicest place they had ever been. One of our sutlers commented that
he had been to four places in a row and we were by far the prettiest and
nicest place he had visited yet. Kevin from Moseley’s Rangers contacted
me and said what a great time they all had and that they will be back
for other musters throughout the year. We also had about six people take
applications for membership as well. Way to go guys!

The School day was a huge success. We programmed nearly 600 students,
and the teachers were very impressed. They definitely want us to do it
again next year. Thanks to all that helped out with that. For the
weekend, we had 112 participants and roughly 3000 guests. Those numbers
rank this event as the largest living history event that the park has
ever hosted. HUZZA!

My deepest appreciation goes out to the entire group. For making our
guests feel at home, for engaging with the public, for jumping in and
helping in so many ways – THANK YOU! You all never cease to amaze me. I
am a lucky man to be associated with such fine folks.

Remember, next month we will be mustering at the Carter Mansion – June
19th and 20th. Hopefully it will be a relaxing time after a full month
of events. If anyone wants to do a special program for that event let me
know so we can get it on the schedule. No definite theme for this one
just militia muster and living history. As always if you have any needs,
questions, or concerns please contact me any time.


Captain Bogart

The Siege of the Blockhouse at Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, VA
went very well. We had a great showing from our group and a fine time
was had by all. The folks there at the Blockhouse are a great group of
people and it’s always a pleasure to visit with them. Craig, Megan, Bob,
and Chris all wanted me to express their thanks and appreciation to all
that came and helped out.


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