June Muster at Carter’s Mansion

Carter's Mansion

Your friendly indentured servant (complete with papers and junk for “freedom pay” ), her boss and Dave and Sherry Shook will be at the NMLRA Primitive  Rendezvous  in Friendship, Indiana. Dave and Spouse will be going on to Fort Harrod, Ky, and Mike and I will be returning but I don’t think in time for the June Muster. If we do, I guar-unn-tay this ol’ lady  probably will be dragging her patout .

Just a reminder that the muster will be held at the Carter Mansion on June 18-20 as per Capt. Chad’s letter posted last week.

John Large

Message for Master Gardener John Large:

John, oh John, what have you got in the garden an indentured servant can “permanently borrow” ? Do you have any fresh Rhubarb in there I can make a strawberry – Rhubarb pie like I did last year? Are there any Jerusalem artichokes? got beets or carrots?  I know you have okra but that’s safe :o). How’s the current crop of Poison Ivy doing around the trees?

Instead of doing the Seige of Fort Watauga, Molly will be doing the Raid of the Patch come July (and then you can sell me!)


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