To the Washington County Militia,

Greetings friends! I hope this finds you all well and looking forward to
our nation’s 234th year of Independence. To me Independence Day is the
motivation behind my love for the 18th century and re-living that time
period. I’m sure many of you feel the same way, and I am blessed to be
associated with patriotic Americans such as you.

I would also like to say what a privilege it has been to get to know
Richard and Gail Ellis. Richard is a great sport and will go along with
just about anything. So it is to you Richard, my friend, I raise a glass
and say “God Save the Queen”. I am blessed to be associated with a
patriotic Englishman such as you.

As for the muster this weekend, Saturday will be rather light as the
city of Elizabethton has invited our militia and the fifes and drums to
lead the Independence Day parade which will be held on Saturday July 3rd
at 11:00 am. We will raise the colors at the fort at 9:30 am and then
make our way to the parade staging area near Big John’s Closeouts in the
downtown area. This is a great honor for our group so we need a good
turnout. While we are at the parade, George Fuderer will be guarding the
fort so anyone who feels the need to stay behind may join George and
lend a hand in staving off any attack that may arise.

Sunday, being the 4th, will be our celebration day with the arrival of
the Declaration and public reading, followed by a short celebration and
refreshments. Everyone is encouraged to bring something to add to the
refreshment table. Cookies – Fruit – Cheese – Beverages, and the like.
I’ll make a crock of Lemonade.

Again, I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to seeing you
very soon. Please send along any questions or concerns.

Take Care,

Captain Bogart

PS. Hey chad,I guess camp pizza  is out of the question ?? Check  out the cooking page LOL.


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