Cannon Corp

This weekend, the 2nd Civil War Skirmish took place at the Carter Mansion. It was a different feel than living in the  18th century but the smell of black powder and camp fire was familiar.

A small group of Militia members dressed in itchy Confederate kit and demonstrated infantry and gunning skills to a rather impressive crowd on Friday and Saturday. Chad Bogart, CJ Davis, Jason Davis’s father, Jason, Randy and Sterling Curde and Jeff Johnson formed the nucleus of the troops. On Friday, Ronnie Lail, Tim Massey, Sherry Hyder and Monique Johnson, ranger at Warrior’s Path Park were there and on Saturday, John Large,  Mike Coon, Ramona Invidiato, Dave and Sherry Shook, and Monique Johnson, came out and had fun.

Mr. Davis was the leader of the cannonade group. He has das monster cannon in his personal  collection (it’s size escapes me but it’s BIG) and the men explained out to clean out and swab the barrel, load powder and ball and let it rip. They did some precision marching, learned their right from left foot, talked about medical issues , the roll of  young boys in the service during the War years and let the children join in for some hands on experience.

Forage Stew and other great eats

CJ made a great Forage Stew for lunch; it was a venison stew rich with veggies, fresh bread , hard tack for those who wanted a jaw breaking experience, salt pork, goobers and for dessert, Ramona dragged in a 12 inch deep dish apple- rum raisin pie. The public shared in the vittles and there were no left overs.

There was a skirmish both days. A hungry gang of Confederate soldiers were foraging in the Carter’s garden  for food and there was an angry confrontation between them and the Carters and their neighbors who were sympathetic to the Union cause. It ended up with shots being fired on both sides.  For a small, in house event, there was plenty to see and do and I was impressed by the number of people who came to watch and experience. There were some familiar faces in the crowd; Ken and Retha and John Cornett and his wife came.

This was the first time I ever saw or participated in a Civil War event and it was a lot of fun and I will definitely do it again.  Check out the Webshot album, Civil War Skirmish 2010, in Webshots for more pictures.

The “Boss” and Molly 80 years late

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  1. Amy

    Missed it…was with Matthew at the fair..we’d never been…will plan for next year(I have a great pattern and fabric purchased for a Civil War dress I was to wear for Harvest Baptist’s Old Fashioned Day of ’09! Never started on it.) Looks like you all had a great time!!! Nice pics!


  2. Randy Curde

    Thanks for the great pics and the help with the reenactment..:)


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