Sept. 24 through Sept. 27 was the actual anniversary of the gathering of the Overmountain Men, starting their trek to King’s Mountain.

Friday's School Day

On Friday, the Historical site hosted the largest school day ever with upwards of 500 area children showing up. Several members donated their time and patience, demonstrating various aspects of 18th century life. Members included Chris Taylor, demonstrating Hawks, Retha, Ken and her family demonstrating games of the period, Amy Aprile who demoed sewing, Sherry Shook telling Native stories, Bob McCroskey who showed the children weapons of the time. This is a partial list but it looked like more members were there than last year.

Saturday was a beautiful day and the Fort was alive with activity. One of the highlights was a PBS crew filming a documentary and Amy Aprile got married (not really but for the documentary),

18th century wedding

The Fife and Drum corp out did themselves and the Guildford Courthouse Fife and Drum Corp was there to help the show,

Fife and Drum Corps
Around 2 PM, the Overmountain Men crossed the river and several of our unit walked the historic trail from Rocky Mount to the Watauga to cross. Huzzahs rang out when the men shot two volleys in the middle of the river to mark their coming. The acution held for the Fife and Drum Corp was a great success and the group made close to $500 Hitchin' post for John Carter's Sh-tland pony.
Saturday night marked the lantern tour which was packed with public. Lit by small lanterns and  tourches, the members  reco9unted the events of the muster and played important persons who made success possible agains t the loyalists and tories (who were wearing bushes in their hats to mark them :o) ).
Sunday was a bust! Some time in the night, it started to rain and the fort turned into a swamp as the water gathered. Rev. Doak gave his famous sermon but other than that, people just scurried for cover.
This was the best attended event on the part of the public that I’ve seen and everyone in the Militia who attended worked hard to pass the word and recount the lives of the brave men who met and fought in the greatest of all the battles in the southern theater.


Thanks to Retha for the fabulous pictures. I’ll be posting them to Webshots. Check them out!

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