Well, folks, after much piddly talk for the last year about fixing up cabin 4, laying a wood floor and stuffing some of the gaping holes on the second floor, Mike and I did it today. Doesn’t the finished product look totally beautiful? Would you like to invest in tickets in business class on a flight to Mars?

Truth is, Mike and I had planned on some renovation to cabin 4 for over a year after I repeatedly got stuck to the clay floor after rains . We got some seasoned poplar boards, enough to totally lay a floating wooden floor over the entire cabin clay floor. Framing the floor, leveling it and nailing that very hard wood with the nails that look authentic turned us into limping cripples but moving that bunk bed was a MAJOR task . Somehow we did it (thanks to Austin who showed up right on time) and then moved it back when finished. We started at 9 AM and finished putting the cabin  back together at 6:30. The only thing we have to do downstairs is lay a hearth in the frame we made (probably pour Quikrete) , nail two 3 inch boards that Mike has to rip yet at the outside wall under the bunks and figure out how to build a mantle piece that is a little sturdier than what we had up there before.

Upstairs, I used stuffed bags to fill in the big spaces. Hopefully on Sunday, we’ll be battening the boards and finishing insulating. One thing for sure, there is no clay to weight the shoes down when it gets wet and perhaps it won’t be so horrible when it’s cold outside. I’m really proud of what we accomplished today and now I know what a GOAT smells like (that’s me!)

HUGE thanks to Jennifer who gave us permission to do this and Jason who opened the cabins for us so we could see how the others were done.



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2 responses to “NEW LOOK FOR CABIN 4

  1. Randy Curde

    The cabin 4 looks so grand now, it has the look of Williamsburg, does this mean we will have to wear ruffled shirts to enter the cabin for a spot of tea? Randy and Sterl


    • Ramona

      It’s looking a whole lot better than it did. Jennifer almost cried when she saw how pretty the floor turned out- not quite the tavern or cabin 5 but certainly not a hovel. Maybe no ruffles but certainly a spot of tay! We installed the closet at the step end and wil put our small kitchen cabinet near the fireplace. There’s a rag rug in the center- really homey now.


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