Bowman-Bogart Cabin, Unicoi, October 23, 2010

Bowman-Bogart Cabin

God couldn’t have served up a more perfect day than He did today. It  was a golden Fall day, a far cry from the frigidity that was the Unicoi Festival last year. Several of the Militia encamped on the grounds of  the cabin near the tree line. It’s a beautiful place, full of future possibilities, and ,  I might add, the Taj Mahal of all bathrooms! There was activity non-stop all day today. The men were out there from sun up to late in the day, making apple butter. It started out looking like grits but by the time they got done, it was creamy and dreamy.  The public streamed in all day and enjoyed seeing  a host of other traditional Appalachian crafts  as well. These included traditional broom making using tools that were built , one as old as the cabin itself, the late 1700’s and the other mid- 1800’s. There was a lady weaving split baskets, and the piecework quilt guild was busy inside the cabin itself making a lovely “old timey” log cabin patterned quilt. Someone brought two milk cows who were very eco friendly and they were milked and butter was made. One of them also was an actor in the court procedings later in the day. Several members of the regiment also demonstrated 18th century folkways and military life. Drills were held throughout the day. the cannon went boom at least three times and the members also demonstrated  making 18th century Christmas ornaments, the process  of turning flax to linen tow and thread, lucet weaving , inkle loom weaving, sewing, and  rope making.

Apple Butter stirring

Tonight, Chad estimated that there were 36 Militia members having thetime oftheir lives today. Look at the Roll; most of the membership on there was in Unicoi, including the Fife and Drum Corp. There were some very pleasant suprises in the persons of  Travis Souther and Harry and Cindy Jordan where came today.
The highlight of the day was the Court proceedings. Several townspeople participated. One poor lady was indentured after her husband died and she could’t cover his debts. Molly Spyder was captured again and put into bell and collar to let everyone know where she was. A cow thief was put into the stocks and his ear nailed to the neck board (gross). Finally, a man was charged and found guilty of murder (this was our very own Fife and Drum Corp Drummer) and his sentence was to marry the Widow (Sherry Shook)  and help raise her thirteen children. He took off into the woods with Chris Taylor missing a shot at him.  

Here Come Da' Judge (McCroskey and Taylor)

After colors, the evening drew to a close- at least for the Public. Mayor Johnny Lynch, (a wonderful host and the mover and shaker of this site and event), and grandson went to dinner with 16 of the regiment ( I want to thank all of you for the kind birthday thought and tell the person who bought the slice of chocolate cake for me that it was  DELICIOUS!) . Afterwards, we all gathered around a grand bonfire, under a full moon, on a clement night and sang songs and told stories. The best story was told by Mike Coon; see the Featured Member Section for more about him. The story telling and general being together on such a night, that, I think, was the best part of the whole day.




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3 responses to “Bowman-Bogart Cabin, Unicoi, October 23, 2010

  1. Sherry Shook

    Love the time that we spend with our fellow militia friends! This day was no exception. Can hardly wait for our Thanksgiving muster at the Fort. So many reasons to give Thanks!! Always lots of food, friends. and living history, nothing any better!!


  2. DonnaSue Jansma

    I so enjoyed Saturday!! We had a great day and it is so much fun playing in the Fife and Drum Corps. Like you Sherry, I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving!!


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