Christmas Tree Decorations for the Historic Site Program

Hello all!
We’d love for you to join us for a bit of Christmas fun and spirit!    This year, the Friends of Sycamore Shoals, will be sponsoring
the tree that is in our lobby.   We always put up a huge white pine that fills the room!
The one thing we are missing at this point are decorations!   We would like to fill this beautiful tree with handmade ornaments
made by all of you with a very special theme!   
The ornaments should have an 18th century theme; items that families would have decorated their trees with in the era that we interpret
during our militia musters, during the drama, and our many other events.      Also, we are asking each person or group who conducts
an event at the park, to make an ornament that represents what they share with our many visitors.
Sherri Hyder started this tradition several years ago, and thanks to her efforts, we now have several nice handmade ornaments, in addition
to ornaments that represent our many programs.
Help us to keep this tradition alive.   Just imagine……each visitor that comes into the lobby during the holiday season, will have to opportunity
to learn more about what we (you, the park, and our story) are all about.  
This year, Diane Gardner will be overseeing this project.    We have planned an ornament making ‘party’ on Sunday, November 7 from 2 – 4 pm.
We hope you can join us that day.   If you have ideas and/or questions, please give Diane a call at 647-4579

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