Amy Aprile with curious third graders Amy with curious third graders

Rock Springs Elementary School 3rd graders were given a hands on local history lesson today.  Amy Aprile and I were invited to share tells about Nancy Ward, Lydia Bean, and the lands of the Holston and Watauga during the 18th century.  During our 90 minute presentation, the children were given insight into what life must have been like here in the mountains of what is now Tennessee. 75 children listened attentatively as we told the stories of places such as the “Old Fields”, Fort Watauga, Reedy Creek, Long Island, and “Kings” Port.  Children were able to identify with the names of the settlers such as Robertson, Carter, and Ward, while others shared their Cherokee ancestory.  As we closed the session with questions and answers, it was obvious that not only were the children very attentive during our experience, they had been blessed with a teacher, Mrs. Rosemary Smith, that had share much of the local history in class with the children.  The quality of questions that these 3rd graders asked was quite impressive.  Hats off to them and their teacher for allowing Amy and I to volunteer our knowlege and love of historical re-enacting.

Sherry talking about Cherokee folkways

Sherry talking abo9ut Cherokee ways


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  1. Randy

    Great job gals, thanks for the dedication. Will see you all on the 20th at the fort…


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