From Capt. Bogart: Upcoming Events!

Bogart in his last ganster movie, "Desperate Hours"

To the Washington County Militia,

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying a bountiful harvest season.
A very busy time of year is almost upon us and there are many things to
tell you about and bring to your attention. Let’s get right to it…

1. Many thanks to those who made Christmas ornaments for the craft show.
They all look very nice and we should have no problem selling them at
all. Also, thanks in advance for those who signed up to work the booth
at the craft show this weekend.

2. Tuesday, November 16th – Lighting of the Elizabethton community
Christmas tree.
Muster at 5:00pm at the tree. The Christmas tree is next to monument
circle and across the street from the Carter County Courthouse. Come
with 2 rounds for a volley and plenty of Christmas cheer. We are also
planning to go caroling through town afterward.

3. Saturday and Sunday, November 20 & 21 – Militia Muster and Harvest
Please let me know by this Friday if you would like to present a program
during the muster weekend so I can get you on the schedule. We will also
be having our communal Thanksgiving meal that Saturday at 1:00. Please
email me with what you plan to bring so we can better coordinate the
meal. Currently John Large has signed up to bring 2 turkey breasts and
the Fifes and Drums will be providing all the bread.

4. Saturday, November 27th – Town of Unicoi Christmas Parade  
We have been invited to march in the Unicoi Christmas Parade. These
folks have been very good and very appreciative to us at the
Bogart-Bowman cabin, so I would really like to return the thanks by
participating in their parade. If you can make it please let me know by
Wednesday the 17th. We will assemble in the Unicoi Funeral Home parking
lot at 1:30 (4428 Unicoi Drive, Unicoi, TN 37692).  Be prepared to fire
several vollies. Ladies feel free to walk along with us

That is all for now. I hope to hear from you soon in reference to these
upcoming events. Until then I remain your humble and obedient servant.

Take Care,

Captain Bogart 

Not Bogart!


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