You Oughta Be in Pictures; You Oughta be a Star!!!

To the Washington County Militia,

This weekend during the muster, Jennifer has arranged for some filming to take place. Footage of everyday frontier life is what is needed, and maybe some running through the woods and firing. If you would like to participate in this make sure you sign an image release form provided by the videographer. The schedule for the day will not change so we will continue on as scheduled. Thats all I know for now. I’ll update you as more info comes my way.

Thank you,

Captain B.

"You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" ; a face to love!!

From the show “Ziegfield Follies Of 1934”
(Edward Heyman / Dana Suesse)

Little Jack Little & His Orch. – 1934
Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees – 1934
The Boswell Sisters – 1934

You oughta be in pictures,
You’re wonderful to see,
You oughta be in pictures,
Oh what a hit you would be!
Your voice would thrill a nation,
Your face would be adored,
You’d make a great sensation
with wealth and fame your reward…..



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2 responses to “You Oughta Be in Pictures; You Oughta be a Star!!!

  1. Randy

    Some of the thumbnail pics (Bill Gates) is drawing questions of why and such when I post TWCRofNCM stuff up….people are wondering why not our milita stuff. tks


    • Ramona

      I always tease Chad by putting pics of Humphrey Bogart up- the Bill Gates one is just my weird humor because he ISN’T Chad. A little paukey humor there.

      If you want to put up anything on this blog site, you need to send it to me and I will gladly do it. As this particular blog and the Webshot account (which I pay for) is something I registered, I’m the only one who can post. So, please send me anything you want and I’ll post it for you.


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