Let it Snow! Christmas at Carter’s Mansion, Dec. 3-4, 2010

In the main room where it's nice and warm

One of the best get-togethers for the community and the regiment is the weekend of Christmas at Carter’s Mansion. At the worst of times, John and Landon’s house looks quite beautiful. During this season, the place looks like a painting done by Currier and Ives. With the 17th through 18th century furniture in place and magnolia leaves and lanterns to the clean smell of oranges, this place was festive and elegant beyond belief. Speaking of which, Retha, lookingf lovely, and Ken, the essence of dignity,  were remarkable in the look of gentry and you can almost see the Carters in the way they carried themselves this night.

It was unbelievable how many people from the community showed up to partake of the hot libation and tour through the house. When Mike and I got there at 6 PM, there must have been well over 50 people inside the house and more walking the property. Jason Davis,  Sherry Hyder, Chad Bogart, Mike Coon and Dave Shook took turns pouring the hot apple cider for the guests. Inside, each room was occupied with different activities going on that reflected what people would have been doing in the evening.  From music making, to making pomadores, to carding, knitting, spinning, the house was alive with activities.

Saturday was a reprise of Friday night, which was a repetition of last year. The weather was murky where it was pleasant, if cold, on Friday. By parade time, it was snowing/raining. I know the roads were slick in Kingsport so they must have been “sheer pleasure” in Elizabethton. Whether the parade was on or not, I don’t know, but I do know that intrepid members braved the foul weather to gather and partake of  Christmas joy at the Carter Mansion.

Dave and Mike at the kettle

Music Making in the Great Room

Music making in the great room

Jennifer spinning


Elegance! Ken and Retha

Thank you Ken and Retha for the greaat pictures. Congratulations, Jason Davis who is now a PERMANENT ranger at the historical site! That's a MILLION DOLLAR Smile on Jason's face. He's now a full time ranger!

Million Dollar smile on Jason’s face! This guy was walking on air all night!

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