Rare Opportunity: Need to Take Action

To the Washington County Militia:

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to report that our militia has been invited to
participate in the inauguration of our new governor. As an escort to the
color guard, we will be marching in the inaugural parade in Nashville on
Saturday, January 15th 2011. Herb Roberts, regional park manager and
former Superintendent of Sycamore Shoals State Park, is arranging for us
to stay in the cabins at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on Friday the
14th. We’ll drive down on Friday, spend the night at Cedars, drive into
Nashville early on Saturday, do our thing and then head for home after
the parade. I need to know by the 24th of this month if you plan to go.
We may also have the ability to car pool if we can get the use of a
state van or two, but that is still questionable. This is a rare and
honorable opportunity for our group. Please let me know your plans as
soon as possible.

Yours in Service,

Captain Bogart


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