A Little Bit of New

Well, fellow militia folks, it’s New Years and I hope it’s a wonderful one for you. Making your resolutions yet? Figuring to break them by next Tuesday? Remember we have Old Christmas coming up next weekend and the long term weather forecast looks half way decent.

I was lurking on the 18th century blog site like I usually do and saw a message from Peggy Earp. As many of you know, she and Dennis moved to Tennessee and are in the process of building a new store. She listed her new phone number in case anyone wanted anything.

“We have moved to TN, and are still in transition here. Web address and email have not changed. Phone number right now is:731-968-3941. That is temporary, as we have bought land a starting a new shop on it next Monday. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year! ”

Ronnie sent a link to a You Tube site that is totally hilarious. Evidently there’s a whole contingent of people in the Czech Republic who reenact american historical events. This one’s a French and Indian reenactment, complete with Indians. You have to check this out (pun intended!)



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