CAPT. BOGART SPEAKS: OLD CHRISTMAS MUSTER, JAN. 8-9 (and a few other things)


Christmas in the Country

To the Washington County Militia,

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is enjoying a great New
Year. Looking back, 2010 was not a bad year at all for the Militia as a
whole. Granted we almost lost the Colonel at the Thanksgiving Muster,
and we didn’t know what was happening when one of the OVTA marchers
started having chest pains in the middle of the Watauga River, but
thanks to God both are doing very well. My hope for 2011 is that we will
be blessed with good friendship, great living history outings, and a
safe and happy year for the entire group. July of this year will be the
two-year mark for our unit. We have done so much in such a short period
of time and I couldn’t be more proud. Keep up the good work and I look
forward to enjoying your company in this New Year.

This upcoming weekend (Jan 8-9) is “Old Christmas” at Fort Watauga. In
colonial days Old Christmas was celebrated on January 6th, 12 days after
Dec. 25th. It had to do with the calendar change in the 1750s, which
removed 12 days from the old calendar. Some people continued to use the
old calendar and so holidays were celebrated 12 days after the fact.
This is where the 12 days of Christmas came into existence. For our
program we try to have each cabin set up for Old Christmas in a
different culture present on the 18th century frontier. This is the
lineup for the cabins this year.

Tavern: Scottish (presenters – Ronnie Lail, Dave Shook, & George

Talbot House: English (presenters – Artie and Diana O’Neal)

Cabin # 3: Irish (presenter – Bob McCroskey)

Cabin # 4: German (presenters – Ramona Invidiato and Mike Coon)

Cabin # 5: Dutch (presenter – Chad Bogart)

Just because the cabins are being used for these programs doesn’t mean
that you cannot participate. Everyone is encouraged to help in any way
they want. If you are interested in one of the cultures being presented,
get with the presenter and see how you can help. Even if you have a
different culture other than the ones listed above, and you want to
share your colonial Christmas customs, please feel free. And, as always
if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact me
any time.

Take Care –

Captain Bogart

Here is the schedule of events for this weekend coming.

Saturday, December 8th                                                          

10:00 – Raising the Colors                                                                

11:00 – 4:00 Old Christmas customs presented in the fort cabins                                           

 4:00 – Retiring of the Colors Camps Close


Sunday, December 9th

10:00 – Raising the Colors

11:00 – Worship Service with guest minister Shawn Roberson

12:00 – 3:00 Old Christmas customs presented in the fort cabins                                                      

3:00 – Retiring of the Colors Camps Close


Activities Throughout the Weekend Include…

Militia Drill & Training – Open Hearth Cooking – Daily Frontier Life

Flintlock Rifle & Musket Firing – Old Christmas Traditions

(Molly’s addition: Bundling up 18th century style :o)   )


Chad sent me an updated list of members . Check out the top page: 2011 Membership Roll. The other thing he told me was that all the members will be contacted via United States Postal Service about dues for 2011 this month. Check the mail boxes from time to time.


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