Capt. Bogart Speaks: Militia News

To the Washington County Militia

Greetings Friends,

First, let me express my thanks to all who participated in the Old
Christmas Muster at the fort. The cabins looked great and the snowfall
really added to the Christmas spirit. Visitor turnout was very slim but
I think everyone had a grand time with plenty of good food and
fellowship to go around. It was another excellent kickoff to what
promises to be a great year.

Dues notices have been sent out by the Committee of Safety so be looking
for them in the mail soon. Remember, only full members are required to
pay dues. Trial members will pay upon being accepted into membership.

And now the part that nobody wants to hear. It’s nothing too serious,
but bears mentioning nevertheless. As a park employee and site
interpreter, I am sometimes approached by the public with questions and
concerns that you as non-employees might not receive. By far the most
common concern of the public last year was the appearance of non-period
items in and around camp and in the cabins. Some of the things mentioned
were: public use of cell phones, non-period drinking containers,
non-period food containers and wrappers, and items such as newspapers,
magazines, modern books, and non-period lighting. I don’t want this to
sound like we are deliberately leaving modern items out for all to see.
We all forget about these things once in a while. I often slip up when
it comes to keeping an authentic camp appearance. I just wanted to let
you know that it was a growing concern among the visitors to our events.
It is our goal to provide the visitors with a quality experience, and if
we do that they will continue to come back and bring others with them.
If we all help each other keep an eye on these things, then everything
will be just fine. Other than those few things we are in excellent form,
and if that’s all we ever have to worry about then (as my Grandmother
says) “We’ll be flying”.

Now, lets move on to better things. Next month’s muster is on February
19 & 20, and we’ll be showcasing colonial skills and trades. So be
thinking of what you would like to present and let me know so I can put
it on the schedule and press release.

We’ll that just about does it for now. For those who are staying behind
please remember those of us who are going to Nashville this weekend for
the Governor’s inaugural parade (If its not canceled due to the weather)
and say a prayer for our safe travel and return. I cannot express what a
great honor it will be for us to represent our part of the state and
what we do showcase the unique and rich history of the great and
honorable State of Tennessee.  

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns don’t
hesitate to let me know at any time.

Take Care –

Captain Bogart



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2 responses to “Capt. Bogart Speaks: Militia News

  1. Sure an’ th’ Parson an’ I will be remembr’ing all of ye that travel these comin’ days. God’s speed ta ya, Cap’n, and all that travel wi’ya. May yore journey be joyful an’ may He bring ya safely home.


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