Reflections: Tennessee Inaugural Parade This Weekend

This Weekend's Weather Report

As you know, the Washington Co. Regiment was invited to escort the color guard at Governor Haslam’s Inaugural Parade this Saturday. There are a number of people who will be meeting and slipping and sliding over the Cumberland to participate in this , for us, unique event. They include 

Earl Slagle,Linda Slagle,Jacob Slagle,Sarah Slagle,Ramona Invidiato ,Jason Davis.Bill White,Darlene White,J.C. Davis,Lana Davis,Ronnie Lail,Gary Randles,Dave Shook,Sherry Shook,Artie O’Neal,Chad Bogart,Randy Curde,Sterling Curde,Larry Hill,Adam Hill,Larry Lokey,Ty Lokey,Mrs. Lokey,John Large,Shelby Smith,Taylor Moorefield,Ben Aprile,Robin Lynch,Jacob Lynch, and Jason Ashley.

Now I don’t know about you,  but the thought of standing out there in temps in the high 30’s in colonial gear is not exactly something that I relish which makes me wonder why I’m even doing this. For one thing, it’s not every day one gets to go to an inauguration, for another it’s the idea that we’re being honored here in Upper East Tennessee. Now that’s BIG. I’m sure the color guard doens’t need protection and the governor doesn’t need additional Homeland security from the overmountain men, treking over the mountains like they did to whup the Tories at King’s Mountain. It’s the idea that this group will be visible , representing us all, and there are those, all of us who sacrifice family time and other things monthly,  who would bring a little bit of the history of Tennessee to the rest of the state who may not even know their own beginnings. I think that’s a rather neat concept and , hopefully, our freezing our buns off will not be in vain.



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3 responses to “Reflections: Tennessee Inaugural Parade This Weekend

  1. Amy

    Can’t wait to see pics…
    I’ll be praying for your safety in travel to Nashville and back home. GO with God!!


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