First Annual Burns Night Dinner

Whose knees are these and what idiot is sitting on the floor checking them out?

Tonight, everywhere in Scotland or whereever there are even two Scots together or even people of different ethnicities who just like Burns, there was a Burns Dinner honoring the birth of Scotland’s greatest poet.  Sometime before Christmas a few of us were kicking around the idea of our own Burn’s  Dinner and out of that randon conversation (to whit: What do you think about a Burn’s Dinner? Well, what do YOU think about having a Burn’s Dinner? Heck, let’s do it! ) arose the specter of HAGGIS!

Tonight, at the Boman-Bogart Cabin in Unicoi, twelve Scotophiles got together to enjoy what amounts to a Scottish Christmas. Dave and Sherry Shook, Mike Coon and I, Sherry and Nat Hyder, Ronnie and Linda Lail, Amy Aprile, Chad Bogart, and the Mayor of Unicoi, Johnny Lynch and his son, Randy, assembled and had a wonderful time. Ronnie was the host and the group followed the exact protocol that was being done at every dinner. The table was resplendent with Sherry’s silver service and period china. We listened to ballads and each other. When the time came, each course was announced and devoured. Dave Shook went the extra mile in making the bulk of the meal. Every traditional dish he made would have made a kilted Scot weep with joy.  Ronnie and Linda Lail made the greens, I made Venyson in Broth, Cockaleekie Soup and a Dundee Cake that contained half a quart of whiskey. Mike brought a traditional Spicy minced loaf, Sherry Hyder made Oaten Bread and Chad whipped up a Caledonia Cream with oranges and shortbread. I’ve never experienced the likes of Chad piping in the haggis but the highlight was him acting full throttle Burn’s Ode to a Haggis.Piping in the Haggis

After the dinner, Dave told everyone about Burn’s life and works and then most everyone read a poem, interspersed with skunk stories- only in Tennessee!!! Burn's Night celebrants

I posted a video of Chad reciting the Ode to the Haggis on Facebook. The knees, left to right are Ronnie’s, Dave’s Chad’s and Mike’s.


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