February Muster, Patriot’s Ball and Guilford Courthouse and Some MISC

Slip on your dancin' shoes

To the Washington County Militia,
Don’t forget, upcoming muster at the fort – February 19th & 20th. This is the “Colonial Skills and Trades” event so bring whatever skill or trade that you would like to display and demonstrate. This is a good opportunity to observe for those who want to demonstrate an aspect of colonial life but just haven’t decided on what to do.
The Colonel will also be holding a session on period and non-period clothing and accouterments. This is a perfect opportunity for new and perspective members to get a better understanding of the items that are right and wrong for our time period. This will occur in the early afternoon on Saturday. 
The Battle of Guilford Courthouse is almost upon us. The date this year is March 12 -13.  All members wishing to attend must let me know by next week so I can get you on the registration form. I’ll also need to know the type and size of your tent.
I hope this has found everyone doing well, and I hope to see you all very soon.
Take Care –
Major Bogart
Our Commander has a message for you as well.
The Patriot’s Ball, a first time event, is being held in Bristol at the historic train station on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 19 and 20. (The 19th is for practice and the 20th is the real thing).  “I know the date is late and we have a muster that weekend, but the “Ball” is possible for anyone interested. The “Ball” on Saturday also includes the  practice on Friday. Should anyone decide to attend,
include  the phrase “Bob 35″ for 35 percent off on  any tickets.”


Check out the link; it’s very interesting, especially the seminar topics   http://patriotsball.com/

MISC:  Keep watch on the Let’s Burn Something page. I’m gearing up for St. Patty’s Day and cooking like a maniac. You jsut don’t know what flops and fantastics I might just post there. One t hing for sure- in a few weeks its my own CORNED BEEF and not that stuff from the grocery store either!

 From time to time, the blogsite gets wonderful comments from people from all over the place. We have made new friends who keep up with the various things that are posted here and in one case, with Gerald Jack who lives in California, I feel like I know him.  Back on May 11, 2010, I wrote a reflective piece on Nancy Ward and Lydia Bean (look in the archives) and a few days ago a lady named Xondria Gaitan-Burkett wrote that she was the 8XGrand Daughter of Nancy Ward and thanked me for the essay. Yesterday , Jerry Jack wrote saying that his 3X Great Granddad was saved from death  by Xondria’s ancestor on a trading trip and if it wasn’t for that deed, he wouldn’t have recently celebrated a birthday. I thought that was the coolest set of comments I’ve read yet. If you want to read all the comments, check the archives and look for the little numbers under the titles when you go to the post.



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4 responses to “February Muster, Patriot’s Ball and Guilford Courthouse and Some MISC

  1. Ronnie

    Is anyone thinking of going to the Ball Saturday night? Might be fun.


    • Ramona

      I promised Bob I’d help with his seminar and to clean up and go to the Ball- well I ain’t no Cinderella! Can I go as Molly, the indentured?


  2. Doug Walsh

    I am a prospective new member. I will be attending the Feb muster and I am also interested in attending the Guilford Court House reenactment. I have a 9’x11′ pyramid type shelter for a tent.


  3. Ramona

    I’ll pass this along to Chad, Doug. See you in a few weeks.


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