The Watauga Association and April Militia Muster


In 1787, the Watauga Association sent a petition to the North Carolina General Assembly explaining why it should be allowed to continue. Image courtesy of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.


April 16 & 17

            S y c a m o r e  S h o a l s  S t a t e  H i s t o r i c  A r e a

By King George’s Proclamation, no colonial subjects were to move across the mountains. But in 1772, the frontiersmen who had settled in the Watauga Valley formed a government of their own, a “dangerous example” to the British that independence was possible! Join us as we forge a new government: The Watauga Association, an important precursor to American liberty!

Saturday, April 16th

10:00 – Militia Inspection and Raising the Colours

11:30 – Militia Drill and Training

1:00 – Formation of the Watauga Association

4:00 – Retiring the Colours

Sunday, April 17th

10:00 – Militia Inspection and Raising the Colours

11:00 – Worship Service

1:00 – Militia Drill and Training

3:00 – Retiring the Colours, Camps Close

Activities Throughout the Weekend Include…
Militia Drill & Training – Open Hearth Cooking – Daily Frontier Life – Kids Recruiting – Tavern Life

                           Flintlock Rifle & Musket Firing – Tomahawk Throwing – Natural Egg Dyeing – Lambs on Sunday

This Event is Sponsored by the 

Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia
For more information about other exciting living history events both at Sycamore Shoals and around the region please visit the following sites.


Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area

1651 W. Elk Avenue

Elizabethton, TN 37643



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