Gottlieb Mittleberger’s Journal and Historic Accuracy for Reenactors

I was cruising though the World Wide Web  like I always do looking for reading material and found some interesting things. One was a digitalized book   ,GOTTLIEB MITTELBERGER’S JOURNEY TO PENNSYLVANIA IN THE YEAR 1750 AND RETURN TO GERMANY IN 1754.

Many of the people in this area can trace roots back to Germany and what made this so interesting and heart rending is his account of the voyage and subsequent fate of the families that managed to stay alive but encountered all kinds of horrors once they got on land and beyond. This wasn’t confined to just German immigrants either. Fact is that this country was built on the pain and suffering of indentured servants and others who lost their places in  Europe,who were looking for religious freedom or trying to make a new start. Many didn’t survive their years of indenturement in order to free themselves. I don’t think there is any way that a person raised in the 20th century  in this country can wrap their minds around the emotional and physical pain and horror and the despair and desperation which compelled   early settlers to make  the tremendous sacrifices they had to make in order to survive here. The hardships and emotional devastation knowing that one was looking foward to what seemed like a long forever of back-breaking work and not knowing where family members were must have been nothing short of a living hell. I don’t think a reenactor can ever replicate the full emotional scope of those people who suffered but I have to say it’s a tribute if one tries.

The other maybe  goes under the catagory of “Stitch Counters Rise and Unite :o) ”  With the direction of our particular historical site in terms of trying to be as realistic as is reasonable since the site’s aim is to educate the public as well as entertain them, I found an article on that addresses the issues of authenticity. After I read it, I was thinking about how hard we try and kind of patting ourselves on our collective backs for the effort.

You think “strict”  is not good? Check out the Battle Roads instructions for their event:


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