Seige at the Blockhouse: Resounding Success May 28-29, 2011

Impressive boom at the night raid

The Seige at the Blockhouse at Natural Tunnel Bridge  near Duffield, VA, was this past weekend. That site must be one of the most beautiful places to be as the view from the blockhouse is unbelievable and even on a hot day, the breeze keeps one fairly comfortable even when it’s 90 degrees.
I was unable to go on Saturday but from what I heard on Sunday, the day and night raids  were very exciting. The group had its first ever auction and it raised around $500, not a bad first effort. Sunday was beautiful and continued with a frontier trial for a thievin’ murderer who shot a white woman in the back. The fact that this woman was living with a native precipitated a lot of argument as to whether the fella was getting rid of a varmint or murdering a white settler. Ultimately the judges who were described as  crosses  between a varmint and a scum suckin’ bottom dweller pronounced sentence as death by hangin’ but the killer made a run for it and was riddled with lead and his low life attorney was chased out of  Fincastle County. On top of all this excitement, there was a wonderful frontier service and cooking and spinning demos for the public. It’s a sweet event and if you’ve not gone, make plans to go as it’s well worth it.
Chad recieved a letter from Joy Nihil thanking the members of the Regiment for helping to make their event a success.
Dear friends – You did it again!  Our Siege at the Blockhouse would not have been possible without you and the group who came with you and participated.  Visitors’ comments were unfailingly favorable and the rewritten scenario came off as though you had performed it many times.  Please extend our gratitude to your entire group.  Partnerships such as ours allow small groups to accomplish big things.     Joy Nihil, President DBWTA

Country Dancing


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