Bogart Speaks: NO Muster this month at Carter Mansion (and more)

To the Washington County Militia,

Good morning all. I hope everyone is
doing well and enjoying this hot start to summer. I just wanted to update you
all on a few things coming up.

First, regardless of what you may see
printed or announced we are not having a muster at the Carter Mansion this
month. Even though I relayed that information to the powers that be, it showed
up in the special events brochure at the park anyway. Again NO MUSTER THIS

Second, a mid-term financial report is available for anyone who
wishes to see it. If so you can stop by the park and ask me.

Last, the
Independence Muster will be on July 2 & 3. Once again the militia will be
marching in the Elizabethton parade on Saturday the
2nd. This is a very fun event and we all have a great time. The Independence
celebration will be on Sunday. If anyone wants to do a
special program or demonstration please let me know so I can get you on the

As always let me know of any questions or concerns that you
may have.

Take Care,

Major Bogart


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