Making THE REAL DEAL! 18th Century Hose

Madam Pompadour's hose- I WANT THESE!!!!!

I was cleaning out my socks drawer today and threw out a whole lot of left socks- next week, I’ll probably find the mates but am not holding my breath. I also have my reenactment stockings  in there and got rid of some of the bumble bee looking hosen. It occured to me that maybe I should try my hand at making stockings so I researched it. NOT! Oh Norma???? Would you like a commission??? Anwyay, I found a fantastic pdf  file all about sewing or knitting 18th century hose. Its over to the right hand side here under THINGS OF INTEREST. For your viewing pleasure, I am also including a link you definitely need to see. It’s in German but pictures are worth a thousand translations.



2 responses to “Making THE REAL DEAL! 18th Century Hose

  1. norma ritchie

    those sure are pretty hose, not sure I could knitt
    that fancy, but I sure do like making socks but that looks to be a big challenge, norma


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