Come Celebrate: July 4th Muster (July 2-3, 2011)

Doug, Chad and Kathryn a-marevling

The day we declared our freedom was part of a three day weekend and I think the whole world must have been on the move. The July 4th muster which occured on the weekend of the 2-3rd was as lightly attended as any I ever saw but oh, was it ever so sweet! The activities at the Fort on  Saturday and Sunday paralleled each other with the exception of the frontier worship service led by Harry Jordan on Sunday.

It was hot, dang hot, but the parade in Elizabethton assembled at 11 AM, ready to begin at 12. People from the cast of ‘Liberty” as well as those from the living history (Militia) were there in full force to march in the parade. Afterwards, back at the fort, there was a kid recruitment which is funny to see. Little kids LOVE this and you can see their little imaginations at work while they are at attention with their wooden weapons. Jennifer and Sarah were hard at work boiling up wool (“double, double, boil and bubble…..) and they also displayed the colors of natural dye on wool and showed  the public how to weave on the inkle loom. The Fife and Drum Corp played and I noticed that they had added new songs to their repetoire. Later, a messenger came to the fort with the news of a declaration and Major Bogart read the Declaration of Independence to all and sundry, to great huzzahs. That is, except on Sunday when Bucky Claypool was there stirring up trouble (“I don’t think I like this thing; King George has been good to us…..”) and a verbal fist fight near broke out, much  to the amusement of the public. Ultimately, Bucky was heckled out of the Fort, sent back to Fincastle County where he had pretty much wore out their hospitality during the Seige of the Blockhouse and exiled him to “Kentuck”.

Saturday night was quiet with some like the Reeces and Cindy Jordan going to Applebees to eat, some hanging near the fires like Kim, the Slagles, me , John Cornett and  Chris Taylor. It was nice seeing some of the members like John and the Jordans and others like Tim Massey and Bucky on Sunday and playing catch up. Movie time was in the theater and the new True Grit was the flick of choice.

Altogether, the muster was a quiet event but a lot of fun. The weather was good and everyone had a great time. Thanks to Tim Massey whose pictures I “stole” from his album and will post in Webshots for you to see. I hope he doesn’t mind and I hope you enjoy!



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