1887 etching:Open Hearth Cooking

Back some months ago, Sherry Hyder talked about the possibility of getting a group together to explore period cooking and related topics and the concept mushroomed with the help of Tammy Fletcher and the program coordinator for Exchange Place. While Exchange Place is the home base for this group, we’ll be cooking or meeting at all the historic sites in the area. Last night was  our second meeting and Jamie Tyree talked about cast and wrought  iron and how to date old pieces. We’re even going on Field trips- first one being the Frontier Museum near  Staunton, VA, for a cooking demo covering just about every period to modern times. tammy has a blogspot (on Blogspot.com) called FRIENDS OF THE FIRE and it’s worth checking out, especially if you are interested  in joining this group or seeing what’s going on from month to month. I’m linking her blog to the LET’S BURN SOMETHING page and you can keep up with it from there.


Sherry Hyder and friend at Exchange Place

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