"You Ought to be in Pictures; You Ought to be a Star....."

To the Washington County Militia,

I write you this morning
with some very exciting news. Those of you who
were at the Carter Mansion
this past weekend are already privy to this,
so you’ll hear it again. As you
all know the park is in the process of
renovating the museum area. I met with the designer last week and things
are looking very well. As part of the new
museum we are also going to
produce a new interpretive film that will replace
the 1975 version. The
film crew will be coming to town in the near future to
assess the area
and see what locations on the park they wish to use in the
film. I have
been asked to be a consultant for the film and line up actors
participants. The filming date has been set for Saturday, August
We need as many of our militia folks as possible – men,
women, and
children. If you have contacts for other reenactors especially
call them. I don’t want to sound arrogant in any way, but be
as we want quality-looking subjects in OUR film. This is a one
shot deal
and we want it to be the best it can be.

If you can join us
for the filming date, please bring 2 or 3 changes of
clothes, as we will be
doing different scenes for the different parts of
our story. Plan to arrive
early and stay late. It promises to be a long
hard day so be patient and be
willing to do whatever it takes to provide
these folks with the hospitable
nature that you are known for.
Unfortunately there is no pay involved, but
they will feed us well.

There may be opportunities for additional days
of filming before and
after the set date of the 27th. I’ll let you know as
soon as I hear from
the production team. As for the main filming day, please
let me know if
you can attend as soon as possible.

Please remain on
standby for further information.

Take Care –



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