August is a month of beginnings and endings; school starts, summer ends, the feel of an impending Autumn is behind every yellowing leaf. It’s also a time for two very exciting gatherings. The August muster was at Carter’s Mansion on the weekend of August 6-7 and the 225th Anniversary Celebration was at the Davy Crockett Birthplace the week after (Aug. 13-14).

It’s been odd weather this summer, unduly hot,  but rain held off both weekends until the reenactors could breathe easy after the public had gone. Saturday and Sunday at the Carter Mansion was a busy time , especially for those who were displaying 18th century crafts and folkways and the days parallelled each other except for Sunday Worship Service, and the Ladies’ Tea on Sunday. Jennifer and Sarah were busy at it dying some beautiful wool yard, Norma was spinning, Sherri Hyder, Molly (me) and another woman were busy at it weaving baskets and splint seats and Kim was shucking hair from a deer hide. Rio was pulling a cart, taking visitors  around the park and was a tremendous hit! Doug Ledbetter was signing up potential members and the rest of the militia was doing what they do best and tours of the Mansion were given every few hours by Jason. On Saturday, the Militia honored the Carters in what I can only say was the most beautiful ceremony I’ve seen in a long time. All the men who were armed marched to the cemetery in perfect formation and gatherered in a 90 degree formation. Half the group faced the cemetery, the other half faced away. It was almost like watching the Silent Marine Brigade at the Iwo Jima Memorial. Major Bogart honored John and Landon Carter. As he raised and lowered his saber, the men did likewise with their arms in perfect synchronicity.  After,  Sarah Slagle laid a lovely wild flower bouquet in front of the headstone. It was touching and fitting, almost like the Militia was being led by unseen forces. Throughout the day, there was a steady stream of visitors and at 1:oo PM, both days the raid played out. Mr. Carter and his friends, in the end, won the verbal argument and  saved the women and children from distruction, not to mention his brand new house!

Interesting blog on the Architectural design of the Carter Mansion

The following weekend it was back at it, this time at the 225 anniversary of Davy Crockett’s Birth at the sister site, Davy Crocket Birthplace in Limestone. Most of the militia who were at Carter’s Mansion were in Limestone and were made welcome by the Friends of the Park there. On Saturday, Davy Crockett’s rifle was being displayed at  the museum and if you look at Randy Curde’s facebook site (Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia), he’s got a fantastic album of pictures! Most everybody got their picture made with that gun. There was also an auction, tomahawk throwing and a dinner for all the reenactors. On Sunday, there was a lovely worship service , a black powder demo  and a big disagreement over goods, shall we say, which was settled by who could throw a hawk closest to a string. In the end, the sheriff (Chad) confiscated all the goods and left the rest of the men gapey-mouthed.

If you want to see more pictures of the events, check out the link to WEBSHOTS at the lower right hand side of this page.

It was a fun two weeks with more to come this weekend with the filming at the fort. The current film at the Visitor’s Center was made in 1972. My my estimate, I’ll be around 100 when another film will be made to replace the one to be made this weekend. Lights, ACTION, CAM-ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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