To the Washington County Militia,
As a reminder this weekend is the filming for our new movie at the museum.
The crew will be arriving Thursday
evening, and filming only nature scenes and static shots without people on Friday. Saturday is the big day with all the action. They plan to
get started at 9:00 am Saturday.
Sunday is set aside for filming
18th century lifeways. Anyone who does some type of 18th century skill can set
up and be filmed “doing what you do”. This is what they call B-roll footage.
On Saturday we will be firing
for the siege scene and possibly for the Kings Mountain portion. So come
supplied with several cartridges. We will reimburse your powder usage.
If you want to bring items for props, Feel Free. We need to make the fort
area look really nice for the film. We only have a few items here at the
park, so we rely heavily on you all to make our place look used and “lived in”.
The only thing we do not want in the fort is tents and canvas.
It will be fine to stay over for the weekend. Just be mindful as you
arrive because the crew may be filming so check in at the office to make sure
that its OK to drive down to the fort.
I’m looking forward to this great opportunity. Please let me know of any
questions or concerns that you may have
Take Care – Major Bogart

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