My Stuff- Your Junk…. The Great Island Trade Fair, Fort Loudon, TN

Hey Dude, button up your fly!

The trade faire at Fort Loudon in Vonore, TN, is this weekend and as much as I want to go, I’m not going to. While I would really love to see (and maybe participate in) the skirmishes and see (and maybe participate with if I ever get off my lazy butt and get juried) the reenactors doing their thing, I’m almost afraid to go.

This summer, in 100 degree heat,  I inventoried and rearranged our  “stuff”; those of you who have been in reenacting for a while know exactly what stuff I’m referring to. It’s all those things that seemed like a good idea at the time, terrific deals on a blanket or inside a sutler’s stall, which now are gathering dust or haven’t been used in a while. George Carlin had it right- sometimes “stuff” grows and a house, or in this case, a tent or fly, is nothing more than a cover for one’s “stuff”. What he doens’t say in this clip is that things that belong to you is your “stuff”,but when those same things belong to someone else, somehow it morphs into  “junk” as in “their junk”.

I figure if I go to the Trade Faire there will be blanket sales galore. I know I will find someone else’s junk laying there and that junk, with a bit of judicious dickering will become part of my hillock of stuff. I know if I go to the trade faire, I’m going to to a happy dance when I find some treasure I can’t live without UNTIL I go to lug it to an event in 95 degree heat.  If I bump into Peggy and Dennis Earp, I know I will drop a hundred dollar bill easy in buying cloth to add to the stash I’m desperately trying to thin out. Do I need another pair of silk stockings, another dutch oven, a period mug? Why do I sometimes feel like Job sitting on top of a dungheap? I promised myself diligently when I started on this road those many moons ago that I would buy or make the best and the most correct  once and get only what I need. Over all, I have to say I’ve stuck to that but I have to admit to some pretty wild impulse buying or trading sprees. The thing is what does one need as opposed to what does one want? One thing for sure, Mikey and I simplified our lives considerably by selling the wall tent with all those little pain- in- the- bum poles and stakes for a wedge with a bell. That’s the plus side; the not so plus is that we went from a 18 to a 20′ fly (got to entertain our friends in shaded comfort and protect from nasty weather! Yeah sure, another, slightly bigger “roof” for our stuff???) Oh , stop laughing!!! I keep justifying that by thinking at least it’s in one continuous piece rather than two sewn together and with a side which detaches.

If I go to Vonores this weekend, I can see me hauling some kind of weird contraption home like a metal thingie that sits on the ground in which to build a fire instead of digging a fire pit. I can see me buying an 18th century Bible (every day closer to my birthday, I get “closer my God to thee….”, or a journal which I desperately need in order to take notes about events I go to so I can report about them in this blog. It’s hell having senior moments which are coming more and more frequently. Maybe if I go, I’ll find the PERFECT three pronged fork instead of that stupid so- called period fork and knife with the bone handles ( 2 sets) that I have! I frankly don’t know anyone who can possibly be comfy with a fork whose tongs are so wide apart that you could pitch hay with it or a knife whose blade is so wide , you could smear peanut butter on a whole slice of bread ,side to side, in one fell stroke. I used them once and stuck to a spoon or my fingers forever more. The one thing I love which I’ll never give up are my pewter plates but I had those way before I started dressing in rags with a bell around my neck. Maybe if I go to the trade faire I’ll find the best and most perfect stoneware pie plate. The fact that I have one doesn’t count. I need one that is shallow, not deep. Need-want, need-want….junk, stuff…..

Maybe I won’t go to Vonores this weekend and keep my money in my pocket and splurge on a gun. I really need another gun, right?

Oh lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from impulse shopping and the snares of talking myself into why I need all this stuff…….simplify, simplify!!!



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3 responses to “My Stuff- Your Junk…. The Great Island Trade Fair, Fort Loudon, TN

  1. I love you so much, Ramona! Keep simplifying! I identify with much of what you’ve said…and I resolve to make less purchases, and make them “smart” ones.
    ‘Wish you come with me if I get to go this weekend…I’ve never been, and think I could learn alot, plus maybe find a few things. Best of all, I’d really enjoy spending the time with a good friend like you.


  2. Oops! typo: “‘Wish *you’d* come with me…”


  3. zack

    Great post, Ramona( I love George Carlin)
    I was very sad to find out this trade fair is this weekend, since I’ve already committed to the Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival.
    It could have helped me on my quest to swap my way to a full kit, but then those 2 chests of trade gear won’t fit on my motorcycle anyway.
    Maybe there could be a local swapmeet here…


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