Update on Jennifer Bauer: Down but not Out

Jennifer showing the first sewing machine in the area

To the Washington County Militia,
I would like to give everyone an update on our Park Manager, Jennifer
Bauer. Jennifer was involved in a rather serious car accident on Thursday around
3:00 pm. She sustained some minor cuts and scrapes, but was bruised up pretty
badly. She is currently in the Johnson City Medical Center in the hopes of being
released tomorrow. Our Park
Secretary, Johnnie Pilk and I visited her today. She is in good spirits and wishes to thank everyone
who has called and asked about her so far. Please keep Jennifer in your thoughts
and prayers over the next couple of months as she recovers.
Thank You,
Major Bogart
Mollynote: I was at the So.Eastern Primitive and didn’t get this news until yesterday. I called Chad today on the way home and he said that Jennifer is “ok” (all things considering) , has a broken rib, banged up pretty badly but no other broken bones that he knew of. Considering that the driver who was under the influence crossed over into her lane, she’s lucky to be alive. Get well, gal!!!
Photo courtesy of Joe Tennis, Johnson City Press


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3 responses to “Update on Jennifer Bauer: Down but not Out

  1. ElElyonsFriend (@ElElyonsFriend)

    Am so relieved to hear Jennifer is doing so well, and was not as seriously hurt as I had thought. Will continue praying for her continued healing!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Kathy Aprile


  2. Jennifer, I will be praying for you and your loved ones. Thank you for sharing this. Sincerely, Carter Wilder


  3. Theresa Phelps

    Oh my, I know that must be painful. Get well soon and keep your chin up. Theresa


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